Do you ever have those days that don’t seem so bad, but once you start reflecting you start get frustrated or angry with a lot of things?  Maybe it is just me.  Today wasn’t a terrible day by any stretch of the imagination, but on the drive home and once I got home and settled down, I just got more and more frustrated.  Here are a few things that have frustrated me today:

  • We have a child in my room who takes massive amounts of extra time, energy, patience, work, etc.  That is all I can say about it.  It has been a very rough past couple of days, and it is starting to wear on me.  I feel like I can’t give this child the help he/she needs.  I don’t feel like I have the support I need, either.
  • My husband’s work is bidding on their schedule, and since he is low man on the totem pole, he usually ends up with shifts that are not ideal.  It looks like he will most likely be working Monday through Friday 2-10 July through January of next year.  During the summer, this is not a problem, but when the school year begins, I will basically be a single mom during the week until he gets home at 10:30.  We will miss out on any family time during the week, as he and I will not get to see each other until Saturday and Sunday.  And I will still have to find time to do homework, school work, and house work.
  • I am on our school’s negotiations team, and it has been a long process trying to negotiate to get what we feel we deserve.  We had a meeting today, and I didn’t get home until about 5:30.
  • I slept horribly last night.  I woke up starving at midnight, so I got a bowl of cereal.  I woke up at some point with a leg cramp that still hurt when I got up this morning.
  • Bandit will not quit scratching, and it is getting to the point that I can barely control Rose because of how pregnant I am and how strong she is.  Bandit’s paws are bright red, and he has at least one open wound on his leg due to scratching/biting from allergies.
  • The doorbell rang about 10 minutes ago (6:45ish), and it was a political person trying to gain votes.  This makes me mad in and of itself, but it is also very hard for me to deal with the dogs when the doorbell rang.  I am really ready for this election to be over with.
  • I am tired of being pregnant.  I also know that I should not complain about this fact, especially with what I have been through, and what I know some people close to me have been/are going through.  After my miscarriage I thought I would never complain about being pregnant… only grateful.  Unfortunately I am so uncomfortable anymore, and am just ready to have my body back. (Not my shape necessarily… I know that will take a while, but to have my body back and not have a baby taking up residence in there.)

I think that is probably enough complaining for one night.  I need to just relax, but my to-do list has barely been touched.  My house is a wreck, and I know people are going to tell me to take it easy and enjoy the last month or so of being baby-free, but I can’t handle the house the way it is.  What I really want to do is just go to bed right now.  What will happen when I am finished is that I will work on school work stuff, and then try to get a couple things checked off my to-do list.

Tomorrow is a new day, and I need to start it off with a better attitude.


I am Alive

I am still alive and kicking… Baby is still in my tummy alive and kicking (hard).  I have been so busy though, that unfortunately my blog has been pushed to the back burner.  I have been trying my hardest to get ahead in my classes and at work so that when I am out of commission, I don’t have to worry about those things.  Here is a super quick update, since I am going to be going to bed soon:

Financial:  Going well!  We have been able to stay on budget for the most part.  I did make some side gig money from a photo shoot a couple weekends ago.  1/2 gets put aside for taxes, then the other stuff is split up for photography gear and savings.  I also booked two more shoots (one in December and one in March), so I am super excited about that and bringing in a bit of extra money.  Also, hopefully some things will work out in our favor this year, and we will be receiving raises finally!  I am not holding my breath and getting my hopes up, though.

Goals: I have stopped taking daily photos.  Finding the time and motivation was just not happening.  I love the idea of a daily photo, but I have never been good at keeping up with it.  I have been doing ok eating from the pantry.  I have been able to cut down grocery shopping to every other weekend, and it has actually saved us money.  Even though each grocery trip is more expensive, all together it is less than when I was shopping weekly.  I have been doing ok tracking our expenses also.  I tend to wait until the weekend and get caught up with everything.  I would say I deserve about a B- or C+ for it.

Pregnancy:  I am still pregnant.  I had an appointment last week, but did not do a bump report.  I gained 5 lbs in 2 weeks, which is not ideal.  I really need to get better about how I am eating, but there is a basket of candy in the office at work, and it’s very hard to ignore.  Baby is moving like crazy and really likes my right side… especially near my ribs.  We have started taking guesses on when the baby will be born and the gender.  I think it will be November 3rd, boy.  Hubs thinks it will be October 24, boy.  My mom thinks it will be November 5th, girl.  My dad thinks it will be November 15th, girl.  Hubs’ sister thinks it will be November 16th, boy.  Feel free to leave your guesses in the comments section!  You don’t win a prize or anything, but it is always fun to make a guess and possibly win.  (My due date is November 13th.)

That’s about it!  I hope everyone out there hasn’t abandoned me yet!

Sunday Night Chit-Chat

Another rousing edition of Sunday Night Chit-Chat, hosted by the lovely Carla!

To start off, here is a photo of the darling I got to photograph today.  This is an extra sneak peek for the family, also.

Baby C

And now for the chit-chat…

Reading?  Still reading Reading Essentials.  I also read from a pregnancy book each week with Hubs.  It’s a fun little ritual that we have together.  It’s fun to read how the baby is growing and developing.

Watching? We are watching a very stupid show called Blue Mountain State.  We are on to Season 3.  It is very much a guy’s show, but it does make me laugh.

Baking/Cooking?  We had grilled chicken and veggies for dinner this evening.  We hadn’t had a good homemade meal together in a while, so it was delicious.  We already had everything here except mushrooms, so we were able to make this meal with what we already had at home.  That is a win towards one of my September challenges!

Happy you accomplished this week? I had a great photo shoot today!  It felt great to get behind the camera again.  I have been loving editing the photos, too.  She is such a doll!

Looking forward to next week?  Making our last payment to the CC!!  Payday for both of us is on Friday, so that will be paid on Friday!  Woo-hoo!  Can’t wait!

Thankful for this week?  My parents.  They brought up a big ladder so Hubs could put up a curtain over the large window in our entry area.  It let in so much sun and heat.  We have been able to tell a difference already!

I have also been thankful for the more fall-like weather.  The temps are going back up this week, but we had a cold front move in on Friday and drop a lot of rain.  This weekend has been ideal!  We have had the air conditioning off for the past two days, which will definitely help the utility bill.

What is something you’ve been procrastinating on and really should just do it and get it over with already?

Getting ahead on homework and school work.  I know that this baby isn’t going to stay in here forever.  I need to get ahead in both of these areas so I am more prepared for being gone.  I had big plans this weekend to get ahead, but then I was lazy instead.  Oops.

Now it’s your turn!  How was your weekend?  Feel free to answer questions in the comments section or post on your blog and link up to Carla!



Today’s prompt for photo-a-day was “At Night.”  This is not a very interesting photo to go along with the prompt.  I was trying to get a picture of one of the dogs sleeping, but they did not cooperate.  Once I started taking photos, Rose came over to me.  I got her to sit and ended up with this cute portrait.  She is now wide awake and playing fetch with Hubs.  This is a pretty normal evening routine for us.

Pretty Miss Rose

My New Friend

I took out some trash today after cleaning up the kitchen and on my way back up the stairs, I ran into this guy:

Large caterpillar

I almost had a heart attack because I was barefoot.  At first I thought it was a huge slug, but upon closer examination, I realized he was a beast of a caterpillar.  He was on a mission, moving constantly… probably trying to figure out how to get off the front porch.

Caterpillar with leaf.

I put a leaf there for some comparison.  The leaf is probably 2 inches at the widest part.  The caterpillar had to be at least 3-4 inches long and as fat as my thumb.  I have never seen anything like it!

I tried to figure out what kind of caterpillar it was, but to no avail.  If there are any caterpillar experts or entomologists out there who can help, that would be great!

*ETA*  My friend did some research for me and came up with this link:

Bug Guide

It appears that my friend will turn into a Achemon Sphinx moth.  You can see a picture of the adult moth down at the bottom of that page.  That is one big moth!


I am so happy it’s Friday!  This is a sad fact considering it was a short week to begin with, and I didn’t work yesterday because I had my doctor’s appointment.  Either way, I was very happy to get home today.

Hubs emailed me to see if I wanted to meet at a park that he helps patrol at (he is an animal control officer).  I said sure, loaded the dogs up, and went to meet him.  Luckily I grabbed my camera and caught a few good pictures.

One funny thing that happened while we were there was that our big dog, Rose, got out of her collar, and Hubs had to get her back.  It wasn’t terribly hard, but she has been known to run and has caused more stress than any dog should cause.  (For example, she ran out on to a frozen lake one winter.  She was living with my parents at the time and they weren’t sure how frozen the lake was.  Luckily, there was no falling through the ice.)  Anyway, she got out of her collar and Hubs was able to get her back.  Then she slipped out again and came running for me.  I think she knew she was in trouble with Hubs and thought I wouldn’t be upset with her either.  I had never seen Hubs in action, but he did great!  He got her back, and we didn’t have to call in a loose dog. 🙂

Here are the photos from today…

Our little cone-dog. Allergies are not his friend and things have not been good for him. He is still a cutie, though!

My animal control officer controlling our animals.

September Photo-a-Day prompt: Natural

It was a beautiful evening for a walk. We had rain earlier in the day, and the temps had really cooled down.

I hope you enjoyed this Friday, and the weather is starting to become more fall-like!

30 Week Bump Report

Another post!  Crazy!  Since I had my doctor’s appointment today, I am back for a bump report.   We are now down to appointments every two weeks!  It is flying by!

30 weeks, 2 days

Trying to do a self-portrait.  Excuse the accidental sunflare, dead plant in the background, and the top of my head being cut off.  I was just happy I was able to put my camera on the deck ledge, and it didn’t fall off.

How Far Along?  30 Weeks, 2 days.  Less than 10 weeks until the due date!

How Big is the Baby? The baby weighs about 3 pounds and is about 17 inches from head to toe.

Total Weight Gain?  I am up to 133.6.  I gained exactly 4 pounds since last weigh-in.  This puts my total weight gain at 28.6 lbs.  I feel as though my gaining has evened out a bit now.  I was gaining fast at the beginning, but it has been pretty steady since then.  I really don’t want to gain more than 40 lbs (at first I didn’t want to gain more than 35, but I don’t think that is completely realistic).  I think this is doable, especially since I am moving around more now that school has started.  During the summer I just sat around like a lump.

Sleep?  It hasn’t been too bad.  I had one of the worst leg cramps in the world last night.  I hadn’t had any for quite some time, but last night I woke up in severe pain with one.  I could not straighten my foot and had to get out of bed and slowly put my foot on the ground to straighten it out.  It was terrible!  Besides that, I am sleeping well and usually sleep through the night without waking up.

Maternity Clothes?  If you read my September challenges update, I mentioned that I had bought some new ones.  the shirts I bought at the beginning of the summer are all XS.  They are started to get a little tight, but mainly too short with my growing bump.  I bought a couple shirts today and a pair of pants.  I really can’t wait for it to cool down some so I can start wearing my fall maternity clothes.  I am getting sick of my small summer selection at this point.

Best Moment of the Week? We got the crib put together last weekend!  It feels a lot more real with that bad boy hanging out in the nursery.  We really haven’t bought much stuff for the little one, as we are waiting to see what we get at our showers before spending a whole lot of money, so there hasn’t been much change to the nursery at this point.

Food Cravings?  Nothing really.  I find that things sound good, but haven’t really had a craving for a while.  That may change as time goes on, though.

Food Aversions?  Nothing really.  I guess I am just not really affected by food either way at this point.

Symptoms? Indigestion!  No heartburn or anything, but just indigestion.  I feel like my stomach is always full and there is definitely some reflux every once in a while.  Yuck!

My knees are also killing me!  I have a hard time kneeling or bending down.  My shoe-tying days at school are done.  Unless I am sitting and the kid can put his/her foot on my lap for me to tie, I can’t bend down easily.

Exercise?  None.  I really wish it would cool down a bit, so I could go on a walk after school with the dogs.  It has still been in the 90s with heat indexes in the upper 90s and 100s.  We are supposed to have a “cold front” come through and bring down temps into the 70s next week, so maybe next week!

Movement?  ALL THE TIME!  It seems to be on a 2 hour schedule.  About every two hours I feel quite a bit of movement.  It is big enough movements that I can see my tummy change shapes.  It also has enjoyed sticking its feet under my ribs, which makes bending over even more of a pain.

Next appointment?  2 weeks!  September 14th at 3:00 pm.  Can’t wait!  Hopefully I won’t even have to take off a day at work.  My kids go to specials at 2:05, so I am hoping once they leave, my principal will let me go to the doctor.  That would be lovely!

Challenge Updates

Hello readers!  I am back to get caught up with our September challenges!

First challenge: Savings Challenge

I am doing ok with this challenge.  Unfortunately I did spend some money today that was not in the budget.  We took the dogs to get some vaccinations and it was $15 more than I had saved up.  I covered the overage by using some of my MAD money that I had in my wallet instead of using our debit card.  I will get it sorted out and the dogs just won’t get all their money next month.

I also went to Old Navy today to see if they had any baby sweat pants.  We are putting together the coming home outfit for our little one.  My sister-in-law sent us the onesie and all that goes with it, but she didn’t find any pants to go with it.  I found a little pair for about $8.  I didn’t have any baby money from the envelope, so I used some other cash I had and will have to do some trading around with that.

Those aren’t too bad.  Here is where I strayed: I went to Target today to get a curtain.  We have a large window in the entry of our apartment.  It is very high over our front door.  Unfortunately it faces southwest, so all the afternoon/evening sun comes in and warms the place up.  We can turn down the thermostat, but the heat is too much and the place never cools down.  I found a curtain for $9.99 which was great!  The bad part was I did pick up a few clearance items from the maternity clothing section.  A lot of my shirts that I bought at the beginning of summer are starting to get too small.  I got 2 plain tops (a blue one and a white one), a tank top (white one), and I also found a fabulous pair of black dress pants for $25.  They are a touch long, but considering I don’t really have any dress pants for the winter it was worth it (and my mom will hem them for me).  All in all I spent about $55 at Target for everything and ended up using my debit card.  I am going to have to figure out where I want the money to come from since I don’t have that much money in the clothing envelope.

Second Challenge: Eat Your Pantry Month

This is going well.  I did not do a big grocery shop this week, but instead went to the little store in our town.  I spent about $30 on refilling some items that we were out of (milk, cereal, pop, etc.).  I think I can make it until Saturday without having to do a big shopping trip to the grocery store.  We are eating what we have in the house instead of buying new things!  If I am able to make it without going to the store, I may be able to use the grocery money I saved this week to cover the clothing purchases today.

Third Challenge: September Photo-a-day

I cheated a bit on this one.  For the past three days I have composed shots in my head, but did not take them with my camera.  Today I took those mentally composed shots and actually photographed them.  Here they are:

Prompt: Bright

The window that we are planning on covering is above this door.  This is how much light comes in from just the window on our front door.  The large window above lets in a whole lot more!

Prompt: From the mailbox

This is where mail goes to die in my house.  I have a stack on my counter that I need to sort through.  I do open all my mail, but I don’t necessarily do a good job at putting it away where it belongs.

Prompt: Everyday

Today was the most un-everyday day.  I didn’t go to work like I do everyday.  I had a doctor’s appointment which I don’t have everyday.  Hubs and I took the dogs to the vet which we don’t do everyday.  We ate lunch out together which we don’t do everyday.   (We used a coupon and gift cards, so we only spent $2 on tip which came from the correct envelope.)  It was kind of hard to figure out what to do for today.  This is a photo of my planner.  I have everything nice and color coded and check it at least once everyday.  If I don’t have this with me, then there is a good chance I am forgetting about something I was supposed to do.

So there ya have it!  I need to update my September Challenges page with all of my tracking, but I think I am doing ok with all of the challenges.  How is your September going so far?

Happy Labor Day!

Quick post today with my September photo-a-day photo.

Today’s prompt was “Far Away.”  Most people may not agree that their toes are that far away, but when you are 6.5 months pregnant and need to paint your toes, they feel miles away!  I finally was able to get my polished changed, but had to take a couple breaks from bending forward too long.  Here is the finished product… Not my best work, but I am just happy to have a new color on my toes.


Painting my toes has become a tough process, but I powered through today and put some pretty pink on them!