Sunday Night Chit-Chat

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Photo a Day prompt: Father
Here is Hubs working on his snuggling skills with Bandit. In a couple months, it will be our baby he will be snuggling with.

Onto the chit-chat:

What are you…

Reading? Reading Essentials by Regie Routman.  This is a textbook (surprise, surprise!).  I have read a textbook by Regie Routman before, and they are actually very easy to read and have great ideas, so it’s not pure torture.

Watching? Some MDA charity drive.  It has some good artists performing and without cable, there are not many choices on a Sunday night.

Listening to? The TV and Hubs and my keyboards clicking away.

Cooking/Baking? We went to my parents’ house for dinner tonight, and Mom made a yummy pasta dish that we love.  She also baked some chocolate chip cookie bars at my request.  Since Mom and Dad are trying to cut back on sugar, I ended up with half a pan full!  Hopefully I can make them last a while.

Happy You Accomplished This Week?  Putting up the crib!  I absolutely love the crib and can’t wait to get the mattress and bedding to put with it.

Looking Forward to Next Week?  Having tomorrow off and getting another day to spend with Hubs!  Also our doctor’s appointment on Thursday!  We get to hear the little one’s heartbeat, and there will be another bump report.  After this appointment, we are down to appointments every 2 weeks!  It’s getting so close!

Thankful for Today?  Some good time spent with my parents, Hubs, sister, and her two boys.  We always seem to have some good laughs together.


Do you collect anything?

Not anymore.  I guess I kind of hoard pens because I am a pen snob.  I used to collect bells when I was younger, but stopped and ended up getting rid of most of them.

Now it’s your turn!  Feel free to answer in the comments or on your blog and link back to Carla’s!


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