Challenge Updates

Hello readers!  I am back to get caught up with our September challenges!

First challenge: Savings Challenge

I am doing ok with this challenge.  Unfortunately I did spend some money today that was not in the budget.  We took the dogs to get some vaccinations and it was $15 more than I had saved up.  I covered the overage by using some of my MAD money that I had in my wallet instead of using our debit card.  I will get it sorted out and the dogs just won’t get all their money next month.

I also went to Old Navy today to see if they had any baby sweat pants.  We are putting together the coming home outfit for our little one.  My sister-in-law sent us the onesie and all that goes with it, but she didn’t find any pants to go with it.  I found a little pair for about $8.  I didn’t have any baby money from the envelope, so I used some other cash I had and will have to do some trading around with that.

Those aren’t too bad.  Here is where I strayed: I went to Target today to get a curtain.  We have a large window in the entry of our apartment.  It is very high over our front door.  Unfortunately it faces southwest, so all the afternoon/evening sun comes in and warms the place up.  We can turn down the thermostat, but the heat is too much and the place never cools down.  I found a curtain for $9.99 which was great!  The bad part was I did pick up a few clearance items from the maternity clothing section.  A lot of my shirts that I bought at the beginning of summer are starting to get too small.  I got 2 plain tops (a blue one and a white one), a tank top (white one), and I also found a fabulous pair of black dress pants for $25.  They are a touch long, but considering I don’t really have any dress pants for the winter it was worth it (and my mom will hem them for me).  All in all I spent about $55 at Target for everything and ended up using my debit card.  I am going to have to figure out where I want the money to come from since I don’t have that much money in the clothing envelope.

Second Challenge: Eat Your Pantry Month

This is going well.  I did not do a big grocery shop this week, but instead went to the little store in our town.  I spent about $30 on refilling some items that we were out of (milk, cereal, pop, etc.).  I think I can make it until Saturday without having to do a big shopping trip to the grocery store.  We are eating what we have in the house instead of buying new things!  If I am able to make it without going to the store, I may be able to use the grocery money I saved this week to cover the clothing purchases today.

Third Challenge: September Photo-a-day

I cheated a bit on this one.  For the past three days I have composed shots in my head, but did not take them with my camera.  Today I took those mentally composed shots and actually photographed them.  Here they are:

Prompt: Bright

The window that we are planning on covering is above this door.  This is how much light comes in from just the window on our front door.  The large window above lets in a whole lot more!

Prompt: From the mailbox

This is where mail goes to die in my house.  I have a stack on my counter that I need to sort through.  I do open all my mail, but I don’t necessarily do a good job at putting it away where it belongs.

Prompt: Everyday

Today was the most un-everyday day.  I didn’t go to work like I do everyday.  I had a doctor’s appointment which I don’t have everyday.  Hubs and I took the dogs to the vet which we don’t do everyday.  We ate lunch out together which we don’t do everyday.   (We used a coupon and gift cards, so we only spent $2 on tip which came from the correct envelope.)  It was kind of hard to figure out what to do for today.  This is a photo of my planner.  I have everything nice and color coded and check it at least once everyday.  If I don’t have this with me, then there is a good chance I am forgetting about something I was supposed to do.

So there ya have it!  I need to update my September Challenges page with all of my tracking, but I think I am doing ok with all of the challenges.  How is your September going so far?


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