I am Alive

I am still alive and kicking… Baby is still in my tummy alive and kicking (hard).  I have been so busy though, that unfortunately my blog has been pushed to the back burner.  I have been trying my hardest to get ahead in my classes and at work so that when I am out of commission, I don’t have to worry about those things.  Here is a super quick update, since I am going to be going to bed soon:

Financial:  Going well!  We have been able to stay on budget for the most part.  I did make some side gig money from a photo shoot a couple weekends ago.  1/2 gets put aside for taxes, then the other stuff is split up for photography gear and savings.  I also booked two more shoots (one in December and one in March), so I am super excited about that and bringing in a bit of extra money.  Also, hopefully some things will work out in our favor this year, and we will be receiving raises finally!  I am not holding my breath and getting my hopes up, though.

Goals: I have stopped taking daily photos.  Finding the time and motivation was just not happening.  I love the idea of a daily photo, but I have never been good at keeping up with it.  I have been doing ok eating from the pantry.  I have been able to cut down grocery shopping to every other weekend, and it has actually saved us money.  Even though each grocery trip is more expensive, all together it is less than when I was shopping weekly.  I have been doing ok tracking our expenses also.  I tend to wait until the weekend and get caught up with everything.  I would say I deserve about a B- or C+ for it.

Pregnancy:  I am still pregnant.  I had an appointment last week, but did not do a bump report.  I gained 5 lbs in 2 weeks, which is not ideal.  I really need to get better about how I am eating, but there is a basket of candy in the office at work, and it’s very hard to ignore.  Baby is moving like crazy and really likes my right side… especially near my ribs.  We have started taking guesses on when the baby will be born and the gender.  I think it will be November 3rd, boy.  Hubs thinks it will be October 24, boy.  My mom thinks it will be November 5th, girl.  My dad thinks it will be November 15th, girl.  Hubs’ sister thinks it will be November 16th, boy.  Feel free to leave your guesses in the comments section!  You don’t win a prize or anything, but it is always fun to make a guess and possibly win.  (My due date is November 13th.)

That’s about it!  I hope everyone out there hasn’t abandoned me yet!


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