Anyone Still Reading?

I have been MIA for quite some time.  Things have been a bit overwhelming lately trying to get everything ready for our baby’s arrival.  I am currently at 36 weeks, so we are getting down to crunch time.  I am also trying to get all of my Master’s coursework for the semester completed in October, so I don’t have to worry about it once the baby is here.

Everything has been going ok as far as the pregnancy is concerned.  I am large and uncomfortable.  I did have to go to the doctor’s office yesterday to make sure things were going ok… If you don’t like to know about yucky pregnancy things, then I would recommend skipping this part.

Yesterday morning I woke up and felt two small gushes of liquid.  I didn’t think anything of it until I went to the bathroom.  I noticed that they were tinged brownish, which caused a bit of alarm.  I called my on-call midwife, and she said to just go about my day and if the liquid continued, then I would need to come in.  Well, the liquid had seemed to stop, so I just thought it was urine.  In the afternoon, though, I went to the bathroom and there was quite a bit of yucky brownish/reddish discharge.  I called the nurse again, and she said to go ahead and come on in.

I went in and they tested the liquid, but it was not amniotic fluid.  They believe it was just me starting to lose my mucous plug (which it did turn out to be).  They did find out that I had protein in my urine and slightly high blood pressure.  These are new symptoms, but I have been having very swollen feet lately also.  Because of all of these things, they are concerned about my risk of preeclampsia.  They went ahead and drew blood, and instructed me to complete a 24 hour urine collection.  I have been drinking A LOT of water since yesterday to help with the swelling, and it does seem to have had an affect on the size of my feet.  The midwife also recommended that I stay off my feet as much as possible and keep them elevated.  Luckily I have a student teacher who is in control of my classroom at this point, so I am able to do that without having to leave work this early.

So, that is where we are at with things.  Hubs has guessed my due date to be October 24, so if he is right, we have a week left.  My official due date is November 13th.  I am ready to meet this baby, but know that it needs to cook as long as possible.

Thanks to all of my loyal readers who are still checking in every once in a while.  I am not sure how regularly I will blog (especially once the baby gets here), but I am definitely going to continue.


4 thoughts on “Anyone Still Reading?

  1. hi jessie~
    i found your blog a while ago when i was checking out some get out of debt blogs. i was esp interested in yours since i am also a teacher in nebraska…first grade! i was inspired by your challenges in working on paying down your debt as i was/am in the same boat. i also enjoyed reading about your day to day doings. i had lost your site as i was issued a new laptop after my school laptop crashed…i lost all my bookmarks. i recently was trying to remember some of my favs and came across yours! i am so excited to hear that you and your husband are expecting. i wish you the best! i continue to look forward to checking in on your blog! best wishes! cheri :o)

    • Hi Cheri! I am glad you are back and found my blog again 🙂 Blogging has been a bit sporadic due to the upcoming addition to the family, but I am still trying to keep up with it 🙂
      I hope your debt reduction is going well, and your school year is off to a great start!

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