Winter Photo Challenge- Week 2 (And other things)

Winter Photo Challenge Update

We are into the second week of our winter photo challenge.  (For more information about it, go here.)  This week’s theme is “Trees.”  I was a little bummed about this theme because the trees around these parts are pretty bare and not too pretty.  This morning while taking the dogs out, I was able to find a few of the very last leaves still hanging.  I  snapped a photo in the morning sun, and I think it turned out nicely.  I am not too happy that winter is beating down our door, and hope it isn’t too bad this year.

Baby Girl Update

Good news!  Miss C slept for 5 hours last night!  She has been a good sleeper since we brought her home from the hospital… sleeping in 3 and 4 hour stretches.  Last night she beat her previous record and slept for 5 hours.  The evening started out rough, though.  At 9:00 she began her fussy “witching hour(s)” which tend to last through midnight.  I was able to calm her by putting her in my Moby wrap and walking/swaying.  We got her to sleep at 11:00… the earliest since we brought her home.  But she was up again at midnight.  It took both Hubs and I a good hour to calm her down and get her back to sleep.  It was worth it, though.  Once she was down, she didn’t wake up again until 6:00 to feed.  I couldn’t believe it!  What a rock star!  I know this won’t be the case every night, but I am thankful it happened at least one night.

I also can’t believe she is 1 month old already.  Here are some of her 1 month photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Finances have gotten away from me a bit since Miss C has been born.  She seems to take up more of my time than anything else.  I desperately need to update my sidebars with new numbers.  We haven’t gotten any bills from her birth yet, but I know they are coming.  Hopefully with having a primary and secondary insurance, it will help curb costs as much as possible.

I will do a full post on finances in the upcoming week when I get a chance to really sit down and take a good look at them. We have some new savings goals that I need to figure out, and we just need to get back on the bandwagon of writing down all of our purchases and tracking where our money is going.


Being a mother is HARD!  I had heard this, but until you actually experience it and live it, then you really have no idea.  I am so head over heels in love with Miss C, but there are times that I just want to curl up in a ball and cry.  I have so much respect for those mothers who do it by themselves.  I am lucky enough to have Hubs, who is an amazing father.  If it weren’t for him, I don’t know how I would get through.  He takes turns trying to calm her down in the middle of the night and loves spending time with his little girl.  I love seeing them together.  This is their favorite activity:

I hope everyone else is doing well!  I plan to be back tomorrow with more updates and hopefully will have a full finance update later this week.


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