Good Appointment

Today I got the joy of loading up my little girl and taking her to the dermatologist.  The appointment was at 12:45, which was right at feeding time.  I had packed a bottle, but that did not take care of the ear-piercing screaming that took place while we were there.  Luckily my dad was with me, so he was able to help with Miss C.  I do have to say that I was quite impressed with the staff at the dermatologist’s office.  They were very nice, and the doctor was fantastic!  She explained everything very clearly and calmed a lot of concerns.

For those who don’t know, Miss C was born with two hemangiomas on her body.  One is located on her left palm, and the other one is located on her lower back.  A hemangioma is a red, vascular birthmark.  They do not cause pain, but can breakdown and possibly become a sore.  Here is a website that I was given with some information about hemangiomas.  That site gives information about more serious and severe hemangiomas.  Miss C’s is considered superficial and does not seem to go deeper than the first layer of skin.

Basically there is nothing to worry about.  The one that we need to keep an eye on is the one on her hand.  It can breakdown easier because of the location and the folds on the palm.  We have been instructed to put Vaseline or Aquaphor on it twice a day and make sure to keep her nails short (to make sure she doesn’t accidentally cut her hand open.)  We go back for another check in 6 weeks.  They will check to see if either hemangioma has grown or changed color.  The hemangiomas will go away and are usually gone by the time a child is school-age.

Even though the doctor’s appointment went well, Miss C. has been fighting a nap for most of the day.  She has taken a couple cat naps (less than about 30 minutes each time) throughout the day.  It has been rough, and she is still fighting napping.  She is so over-tired that it is just making her cranky.  Poor girl (and poor mommy)!


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