Tough Stuff

This whole working mom thing is a tough one!  I have so much respect for those women who are doing it on their own.  I luckily have my husband to help out, and I also have my parents and sister close by to help when needed.  Even with all the help, it is exhausting!!

Life is so busy, and I am still trying to figure out how to balance it all.  I am teaching full time, I am a mom full time, my photography business has really started growing the past couple months…  it’s a lot!  Because of how busy things have been and how overwhelmed I have felt, I had to make a tough decision.  I have decided to put my master’s program on hold for now.  I am not taking any classes this semester and if it is the right thing for me, then I will pick them up again at a later date.  This is really going to suck because my student loans will go into repayment, which means more debt.  This was one of the factors that was really bothering me with dropping the program.  Hubs has been super supportive and completely understands.  The most important thing right now is my family and if I would have stuck with the classes, I would have been totally stressed out and unable to spend time with Miss C on the weekends due to homework.

Since I last blogged, I have started back at work.   It was tough, but honestly when I am so busy with my first graders, I barely have time to focus on how much I miss Miss C.  The downfall to going back to work is the germs.  About 25% of the first grade was out sick today.  I have been feeling super crummy this evening with a sore throat and some sore muscles.  I am hoping it is just a cold/sinus infection and being sore from lying on the couch all day, but who knows.

Because I have been so busy, I haven’t been able to focus much on my goals and resolutions.  I do believe we are kicking rear on the budget, though.  We have been doing our best to use cash, and honestly our bills and a couple other line items have been coming in under budget (gas prices being $2.95 in our area really helps).  We did get one bill from my doctor so far.  It is a whopping $30.  I need to pay it and then transfer over the money from our medical expenses savings account.  We have gotten some EOBs from Hubs’ insurance company, and honestly it looks like they are covering almost all the expenses.  I am very happy that we made the decision to put me on his insurance when he got his job last year.  It would have been a tough road without it.

I will leave you with a couple pictures of our sweetheart.  These were taken on Sunday during a quick, impromptu session.  Enjoy!  (I can’t believe how big she is getting!)

Zebra  2


Zebra 1


2 thoughts on “Tough Stuff

  1. What a bright eyed little lady!! She is a doll baby!! Congrats on taking the time off from your masters to enjoy your blessing. Moomy’s need to learn to be nicer to themselves. I don’t know if they still have the program or not but at one time you could put repaying your student loans off for a year, you might want to check into it

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