Well, Hello Life

Wow!  When did it become the last week in January?  I am so far behind on blogging.  The rest of my life seems to be going ok, but this poor blog has been quite neglected.  I did update a few of my sidebars, and you may notice that our maternity leave savings is up quite a bit!  We were able to put over $900 into that account this month.  We are already halfway to our goal and we still have 5 months to go.  I know we will be getting some back from the government for taxes (thanks to our little one), and I have short-term disability insurance that I need to get submitted.  I also have some photography session set up, so I will get some money there too.  I think we will easily make our goal, which feels great!

Murphy came and visited our household yesterday… in the form of Bandit.  Hubs and I had to go out of town for a funeral, so the dogs were staying with my parents (which is where they normally stay).  As most of you know, Bandit lives his life in a cone.  He has severe allergies that will cause him to scratch his head and face until he bleeds.  It’s rather sad.  Well, he somehow got out of his cone on Sunday night while he was in the kennel.  When my mom went to let him out, his head and face were covered with blood.  He had scratched himself into a bloody mess.  She texted me some pictures of him, and Hubs and I made the executive decision to have her take him to the vet.  He has scratched himself to the point of bleeding before, but this was worse than what we had seen.  We thought that if anything, the vet would be able to give him some pain meds and something to ward off infection.

Well, Mom took Bandit to the vet today and after $140, we have one pathetic dog!  He ended up having an inner ear infection (which would have also led him to scratch).  He has thick goop in both ears to help with the infection.  He also had part of his head shaved so they could clean up his wounds.  He has some spray that we have to spray on his head twice a day.  He has an antibiotic that will help his ears and his head/face that he takes once a day.  He is still on Benadryl and is actually up to 3 a day.  He also got a Cortizone shot.  He is so lethargic now and so pathetic.  I was going to take pictures, but his head is quite gruesome, and I don’t want to gross anyone out.

We are lucky that the dogs have their own savings account that we tuck some money away into each month.  I don’t think we have the full $140, but we also have a miscellaneous savings account, so we will cover the rest of it out of there.  It’s not what we wanted to spend money on, but it sure makes me happy that we have savings!

I have so much else that I need to catch up on, but I don’t want this to turn into such a long post that you don’t keep reading.  Instead, I will leave you a picture of Miss C doing her new, most favorite thing in the world… sucking her thumb!

Thumb Sucker Thumb Sucker 3


She hasn’t figured out how to put the rest of her hand into a fist.  Because of this she managed to scratch the daylights out of the bridge of her nose this weekend.  She was having a rough evening and was flailing.  Her face and Bandit’s face are both so scratched up.  It’s sad, but she looks so cute when she is sucking that thumb!


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