The Adventures of Rose and Ding-Dong Cone Head

This is what I came home to…

_MG_2325For those of you who are my facebook friends, you may remember the mess from the trash can that was left all over my living room.  Because of that incident, we bought a locking trash can.  You can see that trash can in the lower left-hand corner of the picture.  It is still locked.  This is not normally where our trashcan is housed.  It is actually usually found behind that skinny wall on the right hand side of the picture.  We also do not typically keep shelves lying down on the floor with their contents strewn about the living room.  That is normally standing up next to the tv.

The guilty party is hiding in his cone in the center of the picture.  I know it is him because whenever I even touched the trash can to move it or pick anything up, Rose jumped back, scared to death.  (She has a crazy, irrational fear of trash bags anyways.

Here is the interesting part… The trash can was locked, so yes, the trash was still in the trash can.  But what was missing from the trash can?  The entire trash bag!  It was shredded into pieces around the living room.  Somehow Bandit had to have gotten a hold of a tiny bit of trash bag and just kept pulling and pulling.  The entire trash bag came out and left the trash in the trashcan.  If I weren’t so darn angry at the dog, I would have thought it was an amazing feat.



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