Bad Mood

*I need to complain for a moment, so if you don’t want to hear it, then feel free to skip this post.

I am just grumpy today.  I was super busy yesterday evening and didn’t get much down time.  Then Miss C woke up at 2:15 and gobbled down 7 oz.  She fell right back to sleep, but it took me a while.  I tossed and turned after that.

The weather is supposed to get nasty on Wednesday night, and I have no idea how kids seem to innately know when the weather is going to change, but they do.  They forget all rules and manners.  This is especially true today.  

I got a lot done this past weekend and yesterday evening, but if I were to write down my full to-do list, I think it would be longer than my arm.  

It is looking like a good chance for a snow day on Thursday, and I sure could use one!

*Ok… rant over.  Now time to think positively and have a better outlook on the day.  I can do it!


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