Ding-Dong Strikes Again

If you have been following the tales of Ding-Dong Dog (AKA Bandit), you know he enjoys eating what he should not.  We have started kenneling him, which has been going well.  We have even been able to kennel him without a cone for a number of hours, and he has not scratched himself into oblivion!  This is great news!

Well, today I went shopping with my sister and daughter, so Bandit was kenneled while Rose was left to wander the house.  Everything seemed great when I came home.  No messes, no bloody dogs… we were good to go.  

I was upstairs (probably checking Facebook), and I noticed Bandit ran downstairs.  This is not unusual, so I didn’t think much of it.  He came up stairs and things still seemed a-okay. I finally got up to go do something in the kitchen and when I passed the dog bed, I noticed something lying next to him:


I knew immediately what it was, so of couse I went to find my phone to take a picture.  As soon as I got close with the phone, he immediately picked it up so I couldn’t take it from him.  If you can’t tell what it is… it’s a pacifier!

Now, Miss C does not use this pacifier.  In fact she has found something much better than a pacifier: her thumb.  I had actually thrown this pacifier away a couple days ago since we did not use it or need it.  I guess Bandit felt like he should still be the baby, so he took it upon himself to get the paci out of the trash and chew on it.  He was certain he had found the best chew toy ever.  

It is now in a trash can with a lid, so in theory, Ding-Dong will not be able to get to it.  This dog will just never give up.


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