Snow, Snow, Go Away

So, apparently this is what the 4th day of spring looks like:



This does not make for a happy Miss Jessie.  I am done with winter.  It really needs to be done with us!  I miss going outside and enjoying warmth.  I miss going on walks.  I miss getting in a warm vehicle, instead of having to warm my vehicle up.  This is terrible!  They are predicting a total of 4-7″ today and tonight.  How miserable!

Luckily this weather means that Hubs took a day off tomorrow.  I was a nervous wreck while he was driving home in this mess today.  There was a bad wreck on one of the highways that he takes home, and he got stuck in the traffic while it was getting cleaned up.  He did make it home safely, though.

Unfortunately my parents are driving back tomorrow from Illinois.  This means they will be driving through some of this.  Prayers for their safe travels are welcome.

Even with being stuck inside I am so far behind on EVERYTHING!  I did get up early and get errands done before this mess started.  Miss C and I went to get my oil changed at 8:30 this morning, then went to Office Depot to get some business supplies, then to the grocery store.  I was home by 10:00 and have been snug and warm inside ever since.  

Today was one of those days that I feel like I worked all day, but still have so much to do!  I got groceries put away, played with the baby, hung up curtains in her room, fixed a coat hook that had been broken for months now, did a few loads of laundry, did a load of dishes, packed away my breast pumping stuff *tear*, played with the babe more, and found a new RSS reader since Google Reader is going away.  

And here’s what I still have to do: 

  • Finish laundry
  • Update budget and sidebars
  • Pick up, dust, and vacuum living room
  • Purge more crap (I am so sick of stuff everywhere!)
  • Clean the upstairs bathroom

Hopefully being snowed in will help me accomplish those things.

How is the weather in your area?  Are you having a very productive weekend?


3 thoughts on “Snow, Snow, Go Away

  1. Cold and windy here. We have had flurries for days, but no accumulation. Chance of snow tomorrow evening.

    Productive is NOT the word I would use for my weekend. I have spent my entire weekend (actually, starting Friday) running from one thing to another. I have barely be home! And all of my running is not “producing” anything….it is just taking care of stuff and meetings.

    Hope the snow isn’t too bad.

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