Five Things Friday


The lovely Carla spends a little time every Friday reflecting on her week.  She picks five things to think about and write about.  I think this is a great idea and thought I would try it too!  So here are my 5:

1. Exercise.  This was one of my goals that I made earlier this week, and I made myself get out of the house this morning and get moving!  I took Miss C with me, and we did the first day of Couch 2 5K.  I have tried this before, but found that it was difficult to keep up with the time intervals using a watch.  Luckily I used my smartphone for good and downloaded a free app.  I was able to set up my phone in the stroller, and it would let me know when I needed to change from walking to jogging and back again.  Made the process a lot easier!

2. Snuggles.  Last night Miss C wouldn’t calm down and go to sleep.  She has been a rock star sleeper from the beginning, so it is usually odd when it takes her longer than about 15 minutes to settle down and sleep.  After 30 minutes of fussing and rolling around, I went in her room and rocked her.  I have never really rocked her to sleep, and I have always made the point of putting her to bed awake, so she would learn how to fall asleep on her own.  Well, I rocked her and snuggled with her for about 10 minutes, put her in bed, and she fell fast asleep.  Best feeling in the world to be able to comfort your baby!

3. Good News.  I got two sets of good news earlier this week.  I can’t really elaborate on them yet, but hopefully I will be able to share more in the next week or so.  Good news always makes the week better!

4. Happy Mail! I got some happy mail today (should have gotten it yesterday if I would have actually gotten the mail yesterday).  A dear friend from my home town, one who I viewed as a second mother, sent a very sweet handwritten note and some money for me to spend on Miss C.  She didn’t have to do that, but it made my heart swell.  I plan on going out today and picking up an outfit for Miss C.  I will take a picture and send it to her, so she gets to see where her money went.

5. Flowers.  The other day I was taking the dogs outside and noticed some tall purple flowers.  i think they are thistles, but I am not sure.  They are very spiky, and the leaves look a little scary.  I ventured out today in the heat and humidity to snap a couple pictures.  my lens actually fogged up a couple times because of the mugginess.  Here they are (if you know what kind of flower they are, I would love to find out.  They are just growing wild behind our place.)







What would a resolutionist be without resolutions?  I have come up with a list of goals for the summer.  Some of them are a bit vague, which i know is a terrible quality when it comes to making goals.  I need to work on narrowing them down, and once I do that, I will be happy to share.  

Most of my goals are based on how I feel about my life and myself lately (which has not been that great.)  I have been struggling with a bad attitude and a lot of negative self-talk.  I hope that by focusing on these goals, it will help me build a more positive outlook on my life.


  • Increase exercising amount.  I currently don’t exercise at all, and it is something that really does help boost my mood.  I need to take advantage of the long days and having Hubs home in the evening.  That would be an ideal time to get outside.
  • Take care of myself so I feel better.  I have adopted some very unhealthy eating habits, and I know that it makes me feel sluggish.  I need to cut down on my sugar consumption and increase my fruits and veggies. (This one is going to be tough.)
  • Become a better wife.  Having a baby changes the whole dynamic of your marriage.  Miss C has become the center of our lives.  I need to make sure that Hubs is not ignored and make sure that he knows how important he is to me.
  • Stick to things more.  Haha!  I have been making a new list of goals each day because I can’t keep up with them.  Time to stick with it.  I am reaching out to my blog readers to ask them to help me stay accountable!  Please, please check in and make sure I am sticking to these!  I can’t do this alone!
  • Get out of the house daily.  Now that I am on summer vacation, I am in the house almost all day!  I need to make sure I get out of the house, even if it is to run to the store.  If I actually stick with my exercising goal, this will come naturally.
  • Wake up and get dressed/showered/ready for the day.  I find the days that I stay in my sweats or pajamas all day, I am much less productive.  I need to make sure that I wake up and get the day started right.  
  • Limit television time.  I am not a huge fan of television.  I don’t have a lot of shows that I watch on a regular basis, but I find myself sitting on the couch staring at the television just because it’s on.  Another big reason for this goal is that I don’t want Miss C growing up in a house where she thinks the television has to be on at all times.
  • Savor small moments.  Each August, I look back and think “Where did my summer go?”  I find myself just going through the motion each day.  I need to find one small thing each day to really savor and enjoy.  I need to help make memories for my daughter.
  • Turn off or ignore the phone.  Darn smartphones!!  We finally gave in and got them, and since then, I have found myself plugged in at all times.  I need to ignore the phone completely at times.  I need to realize that I don’t need it by my side at all times, or I don’t need to check it right away when it notifies me of something new.  It is a big distraction, and I need to make sure that it does not become the main focus in my life.

I also have some other little projects that I want to do this summer, and I will share them with you once I get more of a timeline done.  These are the main ones.  I think if I make these changes, I will feel much better about myself and my life.  

Any goals for you?  Do you think I am going to be able to make it?


The Horse… Or the Wagon

Time to get back on it! I have been away from blogging for quite some time, and I think it’s time to get back to it. The last post I did wasn’t too long ago, but the time I am taking between posts is just too long!

I feel like I don’t have much to blog about these days. I am done with school, so I am just home with my sweet girl during the summer. I have been keeping busy with my photography business though, which is great! Oh and I have been making new resolutions and goals every day… and then they are broken every day and the process starts all over. 😦

I think I am going to spend today cleaning and getting some errands and basic chores completed. Then I need to really sit down and look at what I want to get done this summer. The first month of my break is almost over, and I don’t want to look back over the entire summer and realize I didn’t get anything done. I will be back tomorrow morning with my list… or at least the first draft of my list.

Do you have any goals or plans to get anything done this summer?

Feeling Guilty

I have been away much longer than I anticipated.  I guess that’s what happens when the end of the school year comes, you have a 7 month old baby, and your photography business gets busy.  I have missed blogging and have missed having a place to spill my feelings and guts.

Today I am feeling exceptionally guilty.  I already know what most people will say, but I can’t change the guilty feeling I have.

Last night around 2:00, I woke up feeling sick.  I thought I was just hungry because I hadn’t eaten anything since dinner, and really hadn’t had a very big dinner.  I managed to make it upstairs and ate an apple.  I felt a little better, but in less than 15 minutes, I had thrown it all up.  I tried eating some Cheerios, and again in about 15 minutes, I threw it all up.  I really wanted a piece of toast, but we had no bread due to an earlier incident with the dogs.  I finally kept down about 10 pretzels and fell asleep around 4:00.  Miss C woke up around 5:00, and it took all my strength to get up and feed her.  I was so utterly exhausted!  I fed her and put her back down around 5:30.  She let me sleep until about 7:15.

What I am feeling guilty about is that I was supposed to help a fellow photog with a wedding today.  I wasn’t necessarily a second shooter, but I was an assistant.  (We were trading services, as she had done my family photos last weekend.)  I don’t really feel sick anymore, but I have a killer headache and have absolutely no energy or strength.  I feel completely guilty for bailing on her and staying home to try and feel better.  I plan to completely compensate her for doing our family photos, though.

The other thing that I feel SUPER guilty about is sending Miss C to hang out with my sister all day so I can get feeling better.  My sister was already going to watch her since I was going to be helping at the wedding most of the day, but now I feel guilty sending her away.  My sister offered to still take her, and I know that my sister and my nephews enjoy the time that they get to spend with her.  I just feel guilty about not keeping her at home even though I could technically take care of her here.  I haven’t felt this level of mom guilt before, so it’s a new and not very good feeling.  I didn’t even feel this guilt when I went back to work because I knew working was the best thing I could do for her.  I also don’t think I felt it because my mom and husband were the ones in charge during the week.  I didn’t feel like I was sending her away like I feel I am doing today.

I know most people will tell me that I need to take care of myself and that I shouldn’t feel guilty about this, but it doesn’t change the way I feel.  I just wish I felt better and didn’t have to deal with any of this at all.