The next month or so is going to be extremely busy in the Confessions household. We have a lot of personal things going on, along with the start of a new school year just around the corner. After feeling overly overwhelmed, I decided to take a step back and reevaluate where my time is being spent. After taking a look, I realize that my priorities are completely messed up.

The amount of time that I spend on Facebook and Pinterest is ridiculous! I could be getting so much else done, if it weren’t for those two time sucks. I am not a big tv watcher, so that form of technology isn’t too much of a time suck in my world. Because of this realization, I am taking at least a month long hiatus from facebook and pinterest. i am reorganizing and refocusing my priorities.

In true Resolutionist fashion, here are what my priorities are going to look like:

1. Spiritual Life- Hubs and I went to a church last week that we liked. I would like to make going to church a habit, especially with Miss C around. I want her to grow up with a strong connection to God. With this priority, comes prayer and meditation. I am going to start small and commit to 10 minutes a day spent in prayer and/or meditation.

2. My Marriage- With so much on my plate lately, Hubs has been put on the back burner. It is time to recommit to him and make him one of my main priorities. Without a strong marriage, we have nothing.

3. My daughter- I have had all summer with her, but how much time have I really been spending with her? When I am playing with her, my phone is next to me, and I am usually checking Facebook or Pinterest. I have already learned that she grows up too fast. I need to make sure that I savor these times with her.

4. Myself- I need to exercise and eat better. Those two things will help me with my mental state right now. I need to better myself so I can be a better person for my family.

5. Finances- During the summer, I don’t have as much of a schedule with most areas in my life, and I can tell that the lack of structure even runs into our financial life. I need to get back on the horse with this one, and make sure that I stay on top of things.

Those are my main 5 priorities right now. There will be some additional ones as time continues, but for now those are my focus.

Because I am taking a hiatus from Facebook, I am going to use some of that time to blog more, so make sure you are subscribed to my blog so you receive an email every time I blog. Or make sure I am part of your feed or bookmarked. I will no longer be putting it on Facebook each time I blog.

Until later… I hope your priorities aren’t as out of whack as mine are. If so, maybe you can start readjusting right along with me! Wish me luck! (I know I will need it.)


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