Day 2

Well, I had a very good, deep, interesting post to write for you, but then I became very frustrated with trying to embed an Instagram video that I have spent the last 45 minutes working on that instead of writing my deep, interesting post.

I will write my good post tomorrow.  While on my Instagram account, I got the chance to look back at all the photos I had taken since I started on it.  Before we got our smart phones, I thought that the people who did photo a day challenges with their phones were cheating.  That’s not really photography, I would say to myself.  Looking back through those pictures, though, I realized that I have more Instagram photos of Miss C than I do of “real photos.”  Sure when I do a photo shoot, I will definitely use my camera, but for every day photos, it’s so handy having my phone by my side.  It makes things much easier.

Because of that, I am going to challenge myself to a 365 photo challenge.  I have tried these a number of times and failed.  I think I will be able to succeed with this one because my phone is by my side.  Not all the photos will be from my phone, but I have a feeling a good many of them will be.

Here is Day #1:

Baby girl tired after eating. I love my little thumb sucker! #photoaday #dayone by @jlanphotog


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