Unexpected Change

Photo for today:



Project Life 365 had the challenge of “weakness” today.  I had another idea for what I was going to photograph, but I haven’t gotten around to it.  As I thought about the prompt, I realized that this little girl is probably one of my biggest weaknesses.  Just look at her!  How could anyone not give in to her?  I think I need to get better at being stern and not such a pushover before too long.  She is going to be mischievous… I already see that twinkle in her eye at times.

On to the unexpected change:

Well, I am back on Facebook.  I wasn’t planning on going back until next week, but things have changed.  I have been trying to share videos and photos with family via email, but some of them are not able to open them or are not on Instagram, so they can’t see them.  I give up!  I also have been having trouble embedding them in this blog.  I have followed the instructions a million times, but I just can’t seem to get them to embed.  It is quite frustrating!  It was easy to just share everything on Facebook whenever I would post it to Instagram.

I plan to have some guidelines for allowing myself on Facebook, and I outlined them in my post last night.  I have found that even without Facebook to distract me, I would get distracted by other things (namely the tv.)  I think this isn’t an issue of Facebook, but instead with just building some self-discipline.  Luckily I am going out of town this weekend, so I will have a chance to work on that self-discipline (there is not much to do where I am going).  I have a goal to finish editing wedding photos from earlier this month.  The couple is going out of town to a reception, and I told them I would try to have most (if not all of them) completed.  I usually tell my couples that it takes me a month to edit, so in reality I am just getting them done a week/week and a half early.  Not that much of a stretch.

So, that is where we are at right now.  Life is about to get really busy in about two weeks (the beginning of August), so I need to get this discipline thing down fast.

Any tips?   What helps you stay focused and get things done?  I am open for any and all ideas.

(PS sending me ideas for new websites to waste my time on is not going to help.  ::cough, Jenny, cough::)


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