Monday Meal Plan

Happy Monday!  Even happier Monday because it’s almost over!

Here is my cutie hanging out with me this evening:

IMG_8372_edited-2I just love that cute, squishy face!  I am actually doing a photography challenge since I got a new camera.  You can check it out on my Facebook Page: j lancaster photography.

I did a little bit of upkeep around the blog here.  I updated my Resolutions page and my Goals page.  It had been quite some time (considering I hadn’t updated them since March!)  Oops!  I have some new goals for the month of October.  I could probably try to start them now, but I like starting things at the beginning… whether it is the beginning of a new month, week, year, etc.  This probably is what plays into my resolutionist tendencies.

Anyways, Hubs is back on the evening shift for about 2 more weeks.  He had been part evenings, part days while his coworker was recovering from surgery.  Glad she is feeling better, but sad to have Hubs gone in the evenings.  It is quite the process trying to cook dinner with an 11 month old crawling around your feet and demanding your attention.  I was able to keep her busy tonight with some measuring spoons and my singing and dancing moves.  At least someone appreciates them!

I also hate when Hubs is on the evening shift because I have to cook for myself.  I am fine just having a bowl of cereal, but that is not the most healthy option.  I do try to make things that he can heat up the next day or take to work and heat up for his dinner.  Here is the meal plan for this week:

Monday: tacos
Tuesday: spaghetti
Wednesday: lasagna rolls
Thursday: burritos
Friday: mac and cheese

On Friday I don’t have to make anything that will have leftovers, since he is home on the weekends with me.  At the beginning of October he changes shifts and will work 4 10 hour days a week, including working the weekends.  It’s going to be tough being on my own during the days on the weekends, but I think I can manage it!

My goal for this evening is to update our sidebars to let you see how we are doing with our debt reduction.  I still feel like we are drowning sometimes, but I know we aren’t taking anymore on.  It is just a slow process to get rid of it all!

What is on your menu for the week?



One thought on “Monday Meal Plan

  1. I love that photo… beautiful! I prefer this one over the B&W… love the “warmth” of it… 🙂 Dinner sounds great all week.. yum!! Keep on chugging on, Jessie, you’re doing great! Baby steps my friend… 😉

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