Sunday Night Chit Chat


This is a black and white version of a photo I put up for my ABC photography challenge.  I love both versions!  I can definitely tell that I am learning a lot about my camera by doing this challenge.  I have been loving coming up with photos each day too!

Here is my chit chat…

What are you…

Reading?  Nothing… still.  I did manage to read a magazine earlier this week when we had no electricity.  Besides that, absolutely nothing besides a few board books with Miss C.

Listening to?  The tv is on right now, and I can hear the dryer going in the background.  I also hear Miss C’s noise machine through the monitor.  It’s a pretty peaceful evening.

Watching?  The Amazing Race was on, but I haven’t really been paying attention to the television much this evening.  

Cooking/Baking?  I was planning on doing some lasagna roll-ups, but decided to go with an easier meal and do grilled cheese and tomato soup.  I really wanted to order a pizza, and was even willing to use some leftover grocery money from today, but I decided not to.  I feel like that was a huge step in the process of not overspending.  One of my biggest battles is choosing to eat out instead of making dinner.

Happy you accomplished this week?  I got to assist/second-shoot at a wedding yesterday!  It was a great experience!  I was able to learn a lot by being there and watching a real pro in action.  I had a lot of fun with my mentor photographer and really enjoyed the couple who got married.  It was a very sweet and simple ceremony.  I loved it!

Looking forward to next week?  Next weekend begins my busy season.  Usually September is a pretty busy month for my photography business, but it has been pleasantly slow.  I have a photo shoot next weekend with my cousin’s family.  We are exchanging services, as my cousin’s wife will bake Miss C’s first birthday cake.  She does amazing work, and I am so excited to see and taste the final product!  (The hardest part is figuring out what kind we want.)

Thankful for today?  Good friends.  Miss C and I had an ice cream date with one my first best friends in college.  It had been a month or so since we had seen each other, but it was so nice to catch up and see how she is doing.  Friends are the best!

*Bonus Question* What is the largest sum of money you have ever found?  I think it was a $20 bill.  Although I didn’t get to keep it.  It had fallen out of someone’s pocket who was ahead of us in line.  We were able to return it, which felt nice.  The largest sum that I have found and kept was a $10 bill.  My youth group was headed to an arcade place, and I looked on the ground and found it.  No one was around, so I was able to keep it.  Woo-hoo!

Your turn!  Answer in the comments or link up at Carla’s blog.



2 thoughts on “Sunday Night Chit Chat

  1. Such a sweet photo… I love both, but I think Cadence has such gorgeous eyes that I just love to see them in colour! 🙂 Sounds like it was a good week, I hope you’ll share a couple of the wedding photos with us if you can! Have a great week!

    • Thanks! I love her eyes too! That’s why I kept the original in color. I don’t have any of the wedding photos as they are all copyrighted by the main photographer. You can check out some of the photos on her Facebook site… Leah Mick Images.

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