Oh October

You know I love me a new month!  It is fresh and clean… a whole new start!  Of course the beginning of a month can’t happen without setting some goals!  I have already put my goals on my 2013 Monthly Challenges page, but if you haven’t meandered on over there, I will do a quick recap of them here:

Financial Challenges:

  • Stick to the budget (My budget is made, I just need to stick to it)
  • Spend no more than $100 on Cadence’s first birthday (this includes gifts, food, decorations, etc.)
  • Balance checkbook each night (I am terrible at this, but getting better)
  • Put $200 into savings (I really don’t know if we will be able to do this.  I made this goal before we got our utility bill.  Now I think the utility bill will eat most of that up.)  I do have some photo sessions in October, so maybe I will be able to make it!

Photography Challenges:

  • Finish ABC Challenge (I just did Q today).  I am so proud of myself for sticking with this challenge.  It has been so much fun!
  • Try to book one more session in October.  I already did this earlier this week, so my October is officially all booked up!

Health Challenges:

  • No snacking on candy at work.  (I am terrible about this during our plan time… especially when we collaborate)
  • Take a walk at least 15 days this month.
  • No pop for the whole month of October.  (Oops… I forgot about this one and had a Coke today.  I rarely drink pop, but I was craving it so badly today.)  So now… no pop for the rest of October!

Home Challenges:

  • Keep the house picked up (Pick up after myself with everything).  Well I picked up the house this evening, so we are off to a pretty good start.
  • Do one load of laundry everyday.  (Oops… did not do one today)
  • Get weeds pulled in the back yard.  I hope to get this done this weekend while Miss C naps at some point.
  • Finish painting kitchen cabinets.  I hope to do some painting in the evenings once Miss C. goes to bed.  That seems to be the easiest time to do it.

Personal Challenges:

  • Make my daily devo time a priority and more meaningful.
  • Go to church on a regular basis.  I want to become a regular member at one here in town so I can get to know other families that live in our area.

So there it is… It is out there for everyone to read and help keep me accountable.  I think I will try and do a check-in each Tuesday to let you know how it is going.

Did you make any goals for the month?

And now, after all of that reading… here is a photo for you to enjoy.  Little stinker pulled her toy basket off the shelf and can now tip it over so she can reach in and pull out ALL of her toys.  I think she is trying to sabotage my goal of picking up each night.



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