Sunday Plans

It’s a lazy Sunday for this guy…


…But not for me.  Let me give you an idea of my to-do list for today:



It was a busy day yesterday, and I did get things done, but there is so much to do today.  I need to get a lot of things cleaned around the house.  I need to run to the pet store so the pups done starve.  I need to get things done for school, because this upcoming week is going to be CRAZY (4 day week for the kids, field trip on Monday, fire safety week, bully prevention week, end of the quarter assessing, etc.).  I think there may be a movie day in there at some point, just so I can get some things done at school.

Ever feel like you are going 500 mph?  That is how I feel now.  And I don’t think it is going to slow down until the end of May.

What do you have on your to-do list today?  Or do you get to have a lazy Sunday like Sir Bandit Boo?



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