Sunday Night Chit-Chat

We have found ourselves at another Sunday night.  The weekend went too fast, again, and we are now facing Monday.

4444fd34ead493201a3dedb2800c37e6This weekend has been super busy, and I don’t feel like I actually had any time to really relax and enjoy it.  I have a feeling that is how most weekends will be from now until the new year.  My October and November are booked for photography, and December is always a busy month.  I guess I should just get used to feel frazzled.

Here is my chit-chat:

What Are You…

Reading?  Still nothing.  I really do know that I need to start reading, but I just can’t find time.  I am going through the book of James in my quiet time, so I guess that counts.

Listening To? The TV and the dryer.  Last load of laundry is drying!

Watching? The Amazing Race is on, but I am not really watching it.

Cooking/Baking? Made spaghetti for dinner.  That is as gourmet as it gets around here.

Happy You Accomplished This Week? Surviving.  This was an insane week at school, and there were times that I really wanted to walk out and not come back.  I made it though, and will hopefully make it through this next one as well.

Looking Forward to Next Week? I have a one hour photo shoot on Saturday and hopefully will get to take photos of Miss C on Sunday.

Thankful for Today? The beautiful weather!  It was just a perfect day!  Miss C and I went for a walk for about 30 minutes, and it really was just glorious.  I hope to get out and take a few more walks this week.  I am not looking forward to winter weather yet.  I hope that maybe we can make it into November before we have to turn on the heat.

*Bonus Question* What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving food-wise? I don’t think I can decide on just one thing.  I like turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing all covered with gravy.  Mmmm… makes me ready for some good food!

Your turn!  Answer here or link up at Carla’s blog.


One thought on “Sunday Night Chit-Chat

  1. Well, reading nothing is better than those math textbooks you were reading before… 😉 lol! I have a photo shoot next weekend i’m excited about as well… hope it’s beautiful weather like it has been!! Hope you have a great week!

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