Goals Update

We are halfway through October, and I have not done a very good job at checking in each week.  Time to get down to the nitty gritty and see how things are going…

October Challenges (Nothing like skipping a couple of months)

Financial Challenges

  • Stick to the budget (My budget is already made, I just need to stick to it.)- I would give myself a C.  I have done relatively well, but we have had a few expenses that were not planned or necessary. 
  • Spend no more than $100 on Cadence’s first birthday (this includes gifts, food, decorations, etc.)- I have spent nothing yet, so it’s hard to tell how much I will.  I guess I am on track so far. 🙂
  • Balance checkbook each night.  (I am terrible at this!)– I get a B.  I have kept up with it more than once a week… which is more than it used to get done.  It is not currently balanced, as Hubs and I both filled up our cars today, and I haven’t put that in yet.
  • Put $200 into savings.  (I currently have it budgeted to put in $150, so I will need to scrimp and scrape to try and get up to $200)– I have put $10 in so far, but have $95 waiting to be deposited when I go to the bank.  I think I will be able to accomplish this, thanks to some awesome photography clients!

Photography Challenges

  • Finish ABC challenge (You can follow my challenge on my Facebook Page.)– A+!  I did it!  I finished A-Z!  I want to do another challenge, but I think I will wait until busy season is over, and possibly try on in the new year.
  • Try to book one more session in October.- A+!  I am booked more than I had anticipated.  I am busy every weekend from now until Thanksgiving.  Only one of those weekends am I busy with other things besides photography (the weekend of Miss C’s birthday party… I didn’t think I could handle the party and do a photo session).

Health Challenges

  • No snacking on candy at work– Big fat F!  Stress level at work is just too high!
  • Take a walk at least 15 days this month– I have walked 3 times this week.  I probably need to pick it up a bit if I am going to make it to 15.  
  • No pop for the whole month of October!– Another big fat F!  I think I need to adjust this goal.  Instead of saying no pop, I need to limit it to a certain amount each week.  Maybe 2 a week.  Then I can decrease from there.

Home Challenges

  • Keep the house picked up (Pick up after myself with everything)- Maybe a C.  I haven’t left the house a mess, and I do try to clean up a bit.
  • Do one load of laundry everyday- D.  I did well for a while.  I ended up doing all the laundry this past weekend.  I don’t yet have enough for a full load yet, but once I get enough, I will do one a day.
  • Get weeds pulled in the back yard- F.  No time yet.
  • Finish painting kitchen cabinets- C.  I did finish one set, and started painting another set.  I don’t know if this will get completely done this month.

Personal Challenges

  • Make my quiet time a priority and make it more meaningful.- C.  I started out the month doing very well with this, but unfortunately I have let it fall to the side.  I am still working through the book of James.
  • Go to church each Sunday.– F.  Haven’t done it yet.  Miss C’s schedule is not the best for church right now.  I shouldn’t let that be an excuse, but she takes a morning nap at the exact time of church.  And she is not a child who will sleep anywhere other than her crib or pack and play.

So I guess I am doing ok.  Not the best though.

Did you make any goals this month?  How are they going?


2 thoughts on “Goals Update

  1. Its hard with a new baby, Jessie… and you’re back to school, trying to keep Miss.C happy, you’re doing fine. 🙂 There’s still 2 weeks left… onwards & upwards!

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