Stay-at-Home Sunday

I plan to stay at home all day today, but don’t worry… I have plenty to do while I am here.  Miss C is taking her morning nap right now, so I used the time to set up for her afternoon photo shoot.


I plan to put her in her Halloween costume for the photos.  If she is cooperative, then I have a cute outfit that I want to do some one year photos in.  We will see how it goes, though.  I am happy to report that the only things I bought for this setup were the pumpkins!  I lucked into the chair (which desperately needs fixed up) at a garage sale.  It didn’t have a price, so she gave it to me for free.  The burlap sack on the ground was given to me by my dad.  The suitcases were my grandpa’s, and I asked if I could have them when my parents brought them home.  The basket was part of a gift basket we got a couple years ago.  The leaves are from our tree out front!  Love it!  I can’t wait for it to warm up and start taking the photos this afternoon (hopefully around 4:00).

I also made a new watermark last night.  I woke up around 1:15 and couldn’t fall back asleep.  So what else should I do?  Get on photoshop and play around.  I had wanted to change my watermark for a while now, so I messed around with it until I got it how I liked it.  I like that it isn’t overpowering in the photo, but it is clear enough to read.

Ok… here is my plan for today:

  • Finish blogging
  • Eat breakfast
  • Clean the kitchen
  • Play with Miss C (and possibly take a walk before her second nap)
  • During her second nap, try to finish the first coat of paint on a set of cabinets
  • Photo shoot!
  • Grill out for dinner
  • Sunday night chit chat
  • Bathe the babe
  • Finish some stuff for school tomorrow

I think that should keep me busy.  Let’s hope I can get it done!  Check back throughout the day to see how I am doing!

Any plans for you?  Are you going to cheer on the Chiefs?



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