Sunday Night Chit-Chat


Our fireplace and mantle ready for Santa!

Feel free to join in the chit-chat!  You can post on your blog and link up to Carla, or post in the comments here!

What are you…

Reading?  I currently have an All You magazine sitting next to me, but in more important news… I have started reading a book!  It is called Let It Go: How to Stop Running the Show and Start Walking in Faith by Karen Ehman.  It was an early Christmas gift from my father-in-law and his wife.  I have not gotten very far, so I can’t tell you how it is so far, but hopefully I will get some more time to read in the next couple weeks!

Listening To? The tv.  We are watching 60 minutes or something like that.  It has been about the NSA.  I have only half been paying attention.

Watching? See above.  I did get almost caught up on my Grey’s Anatomy last night.  i have one more episode until I am caught up.  By the time I get around to watching it, I will probably be behind by another 3 episodes or so.  I love being able to stream my shows!

Cooking/Baking? I have not done well with cooking this weekend.  I do have everything ready to go for chili in the crock pot tomorrow morning.  

Happy You Accomplished this Week? Christmas shopping is done!  100% done!  I definitely splurged this year, but we rarely spend money for fun, so I had a good time getting some unexpected treats and gifts for those who may not expect them.

Looking Forward to Next Week? It’s the last week of school before winter break!  I just have to make it through the next 5 days of work, and then I get two weeks off!  I am so excited!  

Thankful for Today? So thankful for family close by.  I was able to get my shopping done without my little helper (although it was quite lonely without her).  My sister and her family watched her for a couple hours so I could get everything accomplished.  It is so wonderful that I have family close who are willing to watch our little monkey when we need.

Bonus Question: Are you finished with your Christmas shopping? YES!  I just finished it today!  Everyone (including the pups) are bought for!  Now to just keep secrets and not give gifts early. 🙂  That is the hardest part about Christmas and gifts. 


Now it’s your turn!  


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