Simple Sunday

Spending my Sunday with this cutie:


She was rocking her Christmas jammies yesterday, and today has on a similar pair with penguins!  I think it may be a jammie day all around.

We did get a few inches of snow/ice last night, so I spent this morning out shoveling the driveway and sidewalks.  I got about half of it done before the dogs woke up Miss C with their obnoxious barking.  It really wasn’t too bad outside, but I have a feeling my shoulders and my back are going to be killing me tonight and tomorrow and maybe forever.  Hopefully I can get it all finished when C goes down for her afternoon nap.

I had another to do list planned, but I would like to get the entire driveway completed before Hubs comes home from work.  Here are the other items on my to do list today.  Maybe I can squeeze them in this evening or work on them while Miss C is awake:

  • Finish laundry (I started yesterday and got a couple loads done)
  • Clean the kitchen (It needs a good scrub, which I will do tomorrow.  Today I need to pick up though)
  • Create and get gift certificates ready for clients.  (They need to go in the mail tomorrow)
  • Menu plan and make grocery list (The roads should be good enough to go to the store tomorrow, even though it is going to be frigid)
  • Balance checkbook and work on January’s budget

I also need to work on a to do list for my entire winter break, but we are waiting for my sister-in-law to go into labor, so I am not sure how much I am going to get done.  My parents and I plan to go up there to visit once the baby is here, and I am going to take newborn photos.  I can’t wait, but it makes it tough to figure out plans for the week and what I can expect to get done.

What are you planning to do today?  Any shoveling to get done in your area?


2 thoughts on “Simple Sunday

  1. The boys are out shoveling now (have to make them earn their keep somehow!)!! 😉 I’m sitting at my computer enjoying a nice cup of hot tea!!

  2. Sounds like a busy day ahead! Miss C is just the cutest thing… lol! Love seeing her pics, I think ’cause she looks like my girls (morgan & mya) when they were little… xo

    Plans for today… sewing, laundry, housework, making buns, and yes, figuring out the January budget as well. No shovelling here as we escaped the ice storm unscathed… we got some rain & mild weather so most of our snow is gone now. Supposed to ice up a bit tonight, but shouldn’t be too bad thankfully!

    Enjoy your day! Can’t wait to see your newborn photos!! 🙂

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