Today To-Do

Today my plan is to get this house picked up and the kitchen clean.  I would like to have a nice, clean house for Christmas… even though no one else will see it (besides Santa), I would like it to be clean.

Here is my to do list:

Empty dishwasher/fill with dirty dishes
Clean paper basket (We have a basket where I put bills and miscellaneous papers.  It is a mess)
Find my kitchen counters
Pot roast in the crock pot for dinner
Put away clean laundry (90% is folded, it is just sitting on the dryer)
Pay mortgage
Vacuum/mop kitchen floors
Vacuum upstairs
Wash bedding
Clean off table
File papers from paper basket

I think that is it!  Wish me luck.  Those things all sound easy enough, but things get tricky when you have a toddler hanging out with you and trying to undo all your hard work. 🙂


Here is the stinker trying to get into her presents early.  They have been under the tree for at least a week, and she didn’t pay any attention to them.  This morning though, she was ready to rip into this one.  We have one for her to open this evening that has a cute pair of flannel Christmas jammies and a movie to watch.  🙂  I was always jealous of my friends who got to open a gift on Christmas Eve, so I knew it was a tradition I wanted to start with my children.  It will always be a pair of jammies and either a Christmas book or movie.

Do you have a lot to do today, or are you taking it easy before the craziness of Christmas?


2 thoughts on “Today To-Do

  1. My day looks a lot like yours… getting the house clean and hopefully relaxing as well! 🙂 I have some last minute wrapping that I need to do as well! I hope to squeeze in some sewing today as well… Merry Christmas to you & your beautiful family Jessie!! 🙂

  2. We used to give pj’s, also. And then as they got older it turned into the outfit they can wear for Christmas.
    The to-do list just seems to be never ending!

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