2014 Resolutions

It’s the moment you all have been waiting for!  Time for me to reveal my resolutions.  A couple days ago I explained how my resolutions were going to work this year.  If you missed that post, you can check it out here.  Basically I have picked seven areas in my life which I would like to change or improve.  I am going to focus on one goal or resolution in each area each month.  Then as the months continue, I will add a new goal or expand on the one I already had in place.  Here they are all written down in my planner.


Without further ado, here they are (so you can read them)…

Complete no/low spending challenge
This includes putting $450 into savings, 10 no spend days, and track all spending.

Plan and carry out 1 date night for Hubs and me.
This will include figuring out child-care, planning the date, finding the money for the date, and going on the date.

Take Cadence to see her close-by cousins as least once during January.
I am not very close to my cousins (mainly due to distance), and I want Miss C to be close to her cousins.  I need to start this relationship while she is still young.

Health (Separated into 2 Categories)
Physical Activity
Exercise 5 days this month– This does not seem like much, but I need to start somewhere.
No pop for the month– When I was in high school, I quit drinking pop completely.  I keep thinking this goal should be easy, but it really is not.  This is the month I do it!

Plan ahead.  I need to get this one started ASAP, so I am ready for when we head back to school.  I would like to be planned a week ahead of time, with copies made and everything.  I think I can do it!
Update website.  I made my website at this time last year, and I haven’t changed it at all.  I need to update it with photos from this past year.

Recreation (Things I like to do)
Blog at least twice a week.
I would like to blog daily but between a full-time job, photography business, and being a full-time mommy, I know that there will be days that it will be impossible to blog.  That is why I kept it at twice a week.

Pick up kitchen and living room each evening.
I have been doing pretty well keeping the kitchen clean this past week, but I am really bad about picking up C’s toys at the end of the day.  I think if I can pick up each evening, it will help my stress level and keep me from feeling completely overwhelmed with cleaning.

There ya have it!  My resolutions for January.  Some of them I think will be easy, but others will be a bit more difficult (I better enjoy all the pop I can in these last few days).  

What are your resolutions?  How are you going to keep yourself accountable?


4 thoughts on “2014 Resolutions

  1. Great goals, Jessie!! I’m trying something similar but in a different style.. “More time for and Less time for”… we’ll see how it goes, but i’m optimistic! 🙂

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