Sunday Night Chit-Chat


This is the state of the living room at the end of every evening.  It is very hard to get motivated enough to pick everything up because I know it will look like this tomorrow as soon as little missy is awake.  The clutter makes me crazy though!

Here is my chit-chat for this evening.  If you want to join in, go check out the original post at Carla’s blog, comment here, or post on your blog and leave a link!

What are you…

Reading?  I am still working on the book Let It Go.  I usually read before bed, but I have been going to bed late and am usually too tired to read anything before I go to sleep.

Listening to? Just the tv.  Every once in a while I can hear Miss C’s noise machine.

Watching? We were watching America’s Funniest Home Videos (which I probably laughed at more than an adult should have).  Now we are watching some show that Hubs like.

Cooking/Baking?  Tonight we had tacos for dinner.  Tomorrow is spaghetti.  I also baked some blueberry muffins for the little one.  She loves them!

Happy you accomplished this week? I am happy to have my resolutions down and out there for everyone to help keep me accountable.  I am happy that I have been able to blog regularly and keep up with it.

Looking forward to next week? I am actually headed out of town on Tuesday to go see my brother and his wife and their new baby (who should be arriving tomorrow)!  I am so sad to be leaving Miss C and Hubs for four days, but I am excited to complete my first photo shoot of 2014 (yay for squishy newborns!)  I am just so excited to meet our little niece!

Thankful for today?  Little missy’s giggles.  I just love hearing her laugh and giggle!  She just makes me so happy!

Bonus Question:  What is the best Christmas gift you received this year? I didn’t get many gifts this year (as Hubs and I don’t really exchange them).  I did get 4 books from my in-laws, which I had asked for.  I also got a necklace and a white balance lens cover from my sister.  I had asked for both of them, so I am so excited I got them!  Here is the necklace that I absolutely love!

ImageIt’s not the best photo, but I adore it!

Now it’s your turn!


2 thoughts on “Sunday Night Chit-Chat

  1. Just came by from Carla’s blog…love the necklace, it’s really nice.
    We have 6 kids, so I understand not being motivated to pick up the living room. It’s never, ever, clean in our house

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