Monday To-Do


The beautiful sunrise this morning.  One thing I love about being a morning person is being able to see the sunrises.  They are just so beautiful.  (I wish I could see them without all the other houses in the way, but I can only do so much.)

Today is going to be a super busy day!  I feel like I have a million things on my to do list, and I hope I can get through them all.  Some of them are things that I have to do, and some are things that I am doing for enjoyment.  Here is my list:

Shower/get dressed
Take Bandit to the vet
Go to the post office
Pack for trip to Illinois (both personal things and things for the photo shoot)
Have lunch with a dear friend
Take down Christmas decorations
Laundry (so I have enough clean clothes for my trip)
Pick up living room (do this evening after Miss C is in bed)
Make dinner (spaghetti)

It doesn’t look like much, but some of the things I have to do will take a long time… like taking down Christmas decorations and laundry will take all day.  Packing is going to be interesting, considering I am packing everything for a newborn session (which always has more to pack than a regular session) and everything I am going to need for 4 days. I hope we can all still fit in the car once I get all my stuff in there.  🙂

Of course my biggest focus is being by the phone at all times so I know the moment our beautiful niece is born!  I am so excited!

Do you have a busy Monday planned or do you get to take it easy all day?


3 thoughts on “Monday To-Do

  1. Just discovered your blog and love it! We are now 9.40pm and I’ve had a busy day of trying to get myself I to some kind of readiness for 2014….it’s the year I turn my life around and become frugal and accomplish some personal goals. Hope you managed to get everything done. Nicola.

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