And I’m Back…

I am back home and back with this cutie…


I certainly missed her so much!  I also missed Hubs and the pups.  I did enjoy the time with my parents, brother, sister-in-law, and new niece!  We had a good time together, and I definitely loved getting some newborn girl snuggles.  It makes me realize how fast the time has flown since we first had Miss C.  She has grown up so much!  Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade where we are at now at all, but it is bittersweet to know that she won’t ever be that small, snuggly newborn.

Even though I have been out of town, I have been fully aware of my resolutions and have been doing my best to keep them (which I am doing well so far).

For the no-low spending challenge, I am doing great!  I haven’t put any money into savings, but I plan to sit down tomorrow and get our budget sorted out and ready to go for the month.  Just glancing at our account, I should be able to put about $100 in to start.  I also received some money for doing my niece’s newborn photos (although I really did not want to get paid for doing it), so that will go straight into savings as well.
I also have one of my no spend days done!  Yesterday Hubs bought a few things at the grocery store for Miss C and him, and my website payment was renewed.  I also spent a bit of money today, as I paid for some snacks at a convenience store while we were on the road.  In all honesty, if it weren’t for my parents, I would have been spending a lot more money.  They were generous enough to pay for my meals, hotel room, the gas, etc. while we were travelling.  I am truly blessed by my parents and what they do for us.
I have been doing well at tracking spending, but it is one of the hardest things for me to keep up with.  Let’s hope that I continue to track it each day.

As far as my other resolutions, I am doing well also!  I haven’t had any pop this month!  It has been tough, as today when we stopped at Wendy’s I really wanted a Coke, but I chose strawberry lemonade instead.  I also made sure to pick up the living room and kitchen this evening before I sat down to blog.  On top of that, I unpacked all of my things from the trip so I didn’t have to deal with it tomorrow.

It is only 7:30, but I am ready for bed!  Tomorrow is going to be a busy day!  I have a long to do list and have errands to run.

How are your resolutions going?


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