No-Low Spend Challenge Check-In


Quick check-in about the spending challenge.

I spent some time this morning getting our finances in order and logged and ready to go for January.  I already had a rough budget drawn up for the month, but I needed to get a spreadsheet ready to go so I could track our spending.  I had a few spreadsheets that I had created in the past, and I ended up just adjusting one that I liked.  We will see if it does what I want as the time continues, but I think I will like it.  I was also able to get our checkbook balanced.

Last month Hubs received a bonus, and he also received a raise, which we saw in his first paycheck yesterday.  After doing all the math and getting everything figured out, I was able to put $420 into our savings account today.  My goal was to put $450 for the month of January.  Now, here’s the thing… Bandit has his surgery scheduled for Wednesday.  I have a feeling it will be about $250-300.  That will come from the money that I just put into savings today (which will bring down our total put into savings to about $120-170).  I hope that even once that money comes out, we will still be able to squeeze out $450 into savings for the month.  That means we will still have to find another almost $300 to get to that goal.  It will be a stretch, but I do think we can do it!  I will keep you updated!

I did go to the grocery store today, so it definitely wasn’t a no spend day.  I was over budget on what I spent, so I had to take some money from another cash envelope to cover the amount.  I budget $100 for groceries each week.  This week I also threw in $20 from our gifts envelope (as I was buying food for a meal for a friend).  Our groceries ended up being $11 over that, so I pulled the money from our house envelope and covered it.  Happy I didn’t have to swipe the debit card!  I also bought a couple books of stamps, which came out of the house envelope.  I have been needing stamps for a few weeks now and kept forgetting them.  I made sure they were the first thing I picked up at the store today, and I shouldn’t have to buy anymore for a while!

How is your budget looking for the month?  Are you trying to cut back on expenses?


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