Simple Sunday

Today we are going to take it easy.  This is what the world outside looks like right now.  There were a few flakes on the ground when we went to bed last night, then it continued to snow all night.

20140105_065130Besides just the snow, we have a wind chill warning in effect for this evening.  Right now it is 12*F but feels like -12.  Tonight’s low is supposed to be -10.  That is actual temperature, not wind chill.  I am definitely happy I got my grocery shopping done yesterday.

Hubs did have to go to work this morning.  He made it safely, but said the roads are absolutely terrible!  I hope he doesn’t have to drive around much today while at work, and hopefully the roads will be better by 5:00 this evening when he has to drive home.

I just have a few things on my to do list today, and all of them involve staying inside!

Lesson Planning (I did not get this done yesterday)
Vacuum (Did not get this done yesterday)
Mop hard floors
Edit some photos of my niece (I would like to get the disc completed and in the mail next weekend)

I did get everything else done on my list yesterday.  I have the last load of laundry in the dryer (it just needs to be folded).  I got the living room and kitchen picked up in the evening (which is one of my resolutions).  I updated our budget and got everything ready for the month.  I got groceries and dropped off a meal for my friend.  And we tried a great new recipe in the crock pot.  It was crock pot chicken parmesan.  We all loved it here, and it will be added to our menu every couple of weeks.

What does your Sunday look like?


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