Friday Financials

Before I get started rehashing my finances for the past week, including a full check-in of my no/low spending challenge, I would like to get something off my mind.  Something I don’t fully understand.

I was talking with someone at school today, and she was showing me an ad for some tablets and other electronic devices.  The prices were in the $200-$300 range.  She commented how “cheap” they were.  I am just wondering when $200-$300 became “cheap”.  Maybe in some people’s world, it is cheap.  I am sure that the elite of Hollywood would truly believe that statement.  But in small town, public school, midwest, I just can’t see that amount of money as “cheap.”

I realize that she may have meant that the prices were cheaper than normal, but she was just said “cheap,” not “cheaper.” I guess that in our little world, in our little home, $200-$300 is not something to scoff at.  That is two to three weeks worth of groceries.  That is 10 boxes of diapers.  That is 4-6 extra payments on our lowest student loan.  That is one full payment on our largest student loan.  That is one step closer to being out from under the chains of debt.

. . . . . . . . . . .

Ok, enough of my little rant.  Now it’s time to take a look back at this week’s finances.

Saturday, January 4: $18.40 stamps, $128.97 groceries ($11 over budget)
Sunday, January 5: No spend #3!
Monday, January 6: No spend #4!
Tuesday, January 7: No spend #5!
Wednesday, January 8: $34.79 gas ($10 under budget/sent to savings), $388.40- surgery for Bandit
Thursday, January 9: ~$15.00 Hubs and little missy breakfast with friends
Friday, January 10: $15.22 groceries (Spent Christmas money since I didn’t have any grocery cash)

We were planning on going to a basketball game this evening, but it’s been rainy all day.  And little missy has had quite a rough day.  We think she is either teething or is possibly (hopefully not) catching something.  That saved us some money, although the money we would have spent ended up being spent at the grocery store.

I didn’t want to stop at the store, but I don’t think Hubs (or really myself) would have been happy with our chili tonight without sour cream or shredded cheese.  We had used the last little bit of both items earlier in the week.  (I also just have to brag that we have not eaten out for dinner since the new year! If you know me and my displeasure hatred for cooking, then you would be quite impressed.)  While I was at the store, I did give in to an impulse buy.  After Christmas I had bought a bag of caramel Ghirardelli chocolates for half price.  We had recently ran out of them, so when I walked by the Valentine’s candy selection and saw and even bigger bag of the same chocolates, I couldn’t help myself.  They are the perfect size and sweetness for a little dessert before bed.

Tomorrow will not be a no spend day, as it is grocery day.  I think Sunday we should be able to make it without spending any money, which will put us at 6 out of 10 no spend days!  Next week is also pay day for both Hubs and me, so I should be able to put some more money into our savings account.  I will keep you updated!

. . . . .  

Now for some exciting news!

20140110_184902This guy is cancer-free!  His tumor came back from pathology as benign!  We are so excited!  He is going to have one heck of a scar, but we still think he is a cute pup.  Apparently the tumor was a relatively normal one, but it is usually found in young dogs which makes it a bit abnormal.  We are so relieved!

TGIF!  How was your spending this past week?


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