So Much To Do Saturday

My to-do list today is quite long.  I have already gotten one errand done, but there may be another one or two on the agenda, depending how the rest of the day goes.  Here is my plan of attack today:

Clean up kitchen
Get things ready to go to the post office
Get dinner in the crock pot (needs to be done by 1:30 at the latest)
Clean out the fridge
Pay bills
Update checkbook and cash envelopes
Write Friday Financials (on Saturday) blog post
Go to Petco (if our schedule allows)
Go to Post Office (if our schedule allows)
Get some laundry done

I think that is it!  I have already menu planned, made my grocery list, gone to the grocery store, unpacked groceries, and have Miss C in her crib for her morning nap.  She looked exhausted while we were at the store:


But now that she is at home and in her crib, she is wide awake and playing.  She even almost fell asleep in her car seat on the way home… I know she is tired.  She just needs to give in to it.

I will be back for my Friday Financials post and to let you know how it is going getting everything done!

Do you have a long to do list, or are you going to just relax on this Saturday?


One thought on “So Much To Do Saturday

  1. I have a “to do” list and will be plugging away at it today as well… it includes much of the same as you’re doing today! lol! Good luck with your list!

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