Friday Financials (A Couple Days Late)


So I am a couple days late getting this blog post out to you.  I finally paid all our bills yesterday (and updated the sidebars), and this morning I have been trying to get things back in order in our checkbook and budget.  I went over budget with our groceries again this week.  I really am struggling keeping it below $100 a week.  This week I had to stock up on meat, which is so expensive (about $30 of our total).  That isn’t even stocking up that will get us very far into next week.  Basically it was a bag of frozen chicken breasts, 3 lbs of ground beef, and a roast for the crock pot.  We need to find some yummy, vegetarian meals!

Our gas bill also ended up being $13 more than I budgeted.  I was surprised by this, considering I thought I had over budgeted compared to last month’s bill.  I guess we need to watch our energy and gas consumption a bit more and try to get those bills lowered.  (I am terrible about leaving lights on, taking really hot showers, and not unplugging things.)  Looks like a new challenge for me!

Even with all of the going over budget, we were able to put another $85 into our savings account!  That brings our January total up to $427!  We are only $23 shy of our goal!  According to our budget, we should be able to put in another almost $50 before the end of the month, which means we will make it!  I really didn’t think this would be possible with Bandit’s surgery, but it just goes to show that you can do it!  Our budget has been very slim this month, which is also why we were able to put so much away.  Next month we will get back to a more normal budget, and the amount we put into our savings won’t be quite as much as this month.

I think next weekend I am going to sit down and start working on our February budget.  It appears as though with both raises, we are bringing home an extra $200 a month.  This is above and beyond what I already budget, so I need to figure out how we want to spend that money.  This is what I am thinking: $75 into regular savings (until we get to $2,000), $75 into a Christmas budget (which will give us $825 by the time Christmas rolls around– we are travelling this Christmas, so we will need to prepare for that in addition to gifts), and an extra $50 payment to our lowest student loan.  I think that would be the best use of the “extra” money.  As much as I would love to just spend it on fun things for the house or for ourselves, we just need to keep building up our savings and paying down our debt.

How is your budget for the month looking?  Have you started looking forward to February yet?


One thought on “Friday Financials (A Couple Days Late)

  1. I think the plan with the extra $200 sounds great!! 🙂 I need to look at my February budget as well… i’d like to continue putting $50/week into TFSA, then $40/week into Xmas savings but it makes our budget very tight. So I need to look at our budget and see if it’s realistic to keep up long term. I am however planning on having a set amount for groceries, then a smaller set amount for sale items/stocking up. Maybe that’s something that would work for you too?

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