Friday Financials (On Sunday Again)


Well, my plans for yesterday went down the drain when Miss C woke up sick.  She is still sick today, but my mother graciously came over to watch her so I could go to the grocery store.  After talking to my mom and sister, we think it is just a bad cold.  She doesn’t have a fever, everything draining out is clear, and her coughs are productive.  I think she is just very uncomfortable.  She is not a snuggly baby at all, but this is how she was this morning:


She seriously NEVER snuggles or wants to rock, but that is all she wanted to do this morning.  She fell asleep a couple times while I was rocking her, and then got very upset when I put her in her crib.  Luckily while my mom was here, she got her to go down in her crib, and she has been napping for about an hour so far.  Poor baby!

Now on to the financials:

I have balanced my checkbook and it balanced perfectly!  I love when that happens!  All bills for January have been paid, and we don’t have another bill due until February 10.  I love that we are able to pay our bills on time and don’t have to worry about late fees.

Looking ahead, it appears as though we are going to be able to put in at least another $50 into our savings account before the end of the month.  Hubs gets paid on the 31st, but we will treat it as though it is his first paycheck of February and create a budget that way.  I always empty our checking account into savings before the first paycheck of each month.  That way we start with $0, and I am not tempted to spend those last few dollars.

I have exceeded our goal of 10 no spends this month!  Thursday and Saturday were both no spend days.  Usually Saturday is when I grocery shop, but due to the sick baby, I didn’t get to until today.  Those two days put us up to 11 no spends.  I think Hubs had to fill up his car today, and I need to fill mine up either this evening or tomorrow morning.  Looking at the upcoming week, we should be able to get another 3 to 4 no spends!  Awesome!

Looking at our grocery spending for this past month, I think I am going to need to adjust it some for February.  I try to keep it at $100 a month, but that just does not seem feasible.  I may try to create a budget where our grocery spending is $120 a month.  I don’t know if it will be possible, but we will give it a try.  Today while I was shopping, I spent some of the cash from our coin cash-in to stock up on a few items.  The big bags of frozen chicken breasts were only $5.37.  They are typically $9.99, so I bought 3 bags of them.  We go through the bags of chicken in no time!  That deal is running until next Sunday, so if there are still some bags next week, I may try to get another two.  We have a deep freezer down in the basement, so we have space to store them.

The grocery store is also having a “Mega Savings Event” in which you buy 6 of their special items (you can mix and match items) and save $3.00.  I ended up buying 6 items that qualified (I didn’t do it on purpose, so it was an added bonus) and saved an additional $3.00 on my total.  I also had a couple coupons for another $2.25 off.  After all of the sale items and coupons I ended up saving $34.64.  Not too shabby!

I still plan on working on our February budget this weekend, although I may not get it completed tonight.  I want to have an idea of what our month will look like, and if I will be able to up the amount that we budget for groceries each week.  Wish me luck!

How are your finances looking?  Did January turn out to be a more expensive or less expensive month that you were planning?


One thought on “Friday Financials (On Sunday Again)

  1. Hope Miss.C. is feeling better soon! Poor thing! 😦 I think upping your grocery budget a bit is a good idea… i’m going to be looking at my February budget this week as well… we had a fabulous month for savings but I am NOT expecting that again.. i’m kind of shocked that we were able to sock so much aside truthfully. lol! February should be a regular month with regular savings I think… but I need to look carefully at our budget since it will be our first month on our 2014 “real” budget. Good luck with yours!

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