February Financials


I sat down tonight and prepped our budget for February.  I am happy to have it done!  I am also happy that it looks really good!

This past month we were on a very tight budget.  No extra money aside from necessities.  February we will back to our regular budget.  With the regular budget my goal is to put $200 into regular savings and $75 into Christmas savings.  I also have a few photo shoots in February, so I should be able to put at least an additional $150 into savings (beyond the other $200).  That would be awesome!  I will also be able to make an additional payment to our lowest student loan.  I feel like we are on the right track!

I was also able to up my grocery budget to between $115 and $120 each week.  I have tried my hardest to keep it under $100 each week, but I haven’t been able to make it.  The extra $15-$20 should help tremendously!

I feel good about having a successful month done and look forward to another successful month.  I also feel good going into the next month with a decent amount in our savings.  We were able to get through Bandit’s surgery without going into more debt and still meet our goal of putting $450 into savings.  I am pretty happy about that!  I hope that February won’t bring any big and unexpected expenses, but we are ready if it happens!

I plan to come back on Friday to go a little more in depth about our finances for February.

Have you looked ahead at your finances for February?  How do they look?


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