Friday Financials

IMG_20140131_173327We are teaching her how to budget while she is still young.  🙂  I handed her this calculator after dinner and she literally walked around with it for about 15 minutes.  At first she held it to her ear like it was a phone, then she would stop at the chair like this and push buttons.  Every once in a while she would let out a squeal.  So cute!

We are officially at the end of January, and it feels great!  Most of our financial decisions were based on our participation in Carla’s No/Low Spend Challenge.  Here is a quick recap of how we did this month!

Put $450 into savings:  We rocked this!  We ended up putting in $509!  It would have been almost $850 if Bandit wouldn’t have needed surgery, but that is exactly the reason we need to bulk up our savings.  You never know when an emergency will arise.

10 No Spend Days:  We did awesome on this one too!  I lost count, but we had either 12 or 13 days!  I need to check my planner and see what exactly it was, but I do know that we met our goal of 10!

Track Daily Spending: I would give myself a “B” on this one.  I did pretty well, but probably could have done better.  I found that I would usually write down our spending a day or two after it took place, instead of writing it down the day it occurred.  I have done better with this than I ever have!

* * * * *

February Financials

I haven’t really put my goals for February down on paper, but I have a few floating around in my brain.  I need to sit down tomorrow some time and get it all hammered out exactly.  I had originally thought our goal for savings would be $200, but I don’t think that is going to be possible.  I forgot to budget in money for car repairs, and I know I need an oil change, so I can’t skip it this month.  I think we will aim closer to $175.  That is still over and above what I have actually budgeted, so I am hoping we can spend less on gas than I budgeted.  We can usually save about $10-$15 a week from that.

Once I get my goals figured out, I will come back with a more detailed budget post, so you can see how we are spending our money.  I am pretty happy with how February looks.  We will have a bit more wiggle room than January, but will still be socking away some money.

* * * * *

Miscellaneous Financials

Today was payday for Hubs!  Always a great day!  His paycheck was about $200 more than I was expecting  (which is awesome!)  I think part of it was holiday pay for working on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  I also think it is just so early in the year, I am not completely sure what his pay each pay period will be.  (He is paid hourly, so it fluctuates a bit each time.)  I went ahead and put $150 into savings immediately.  This was an unexpected amount of money, so I didn’t add it to the amount we put in in January, and I am not counting it towards my February goal.  It is just an extra little present for our savings account!  I love it!

If you noticed, I didn’t put the entire amount into our savings account.  This is why:

20140131_173652We have a new faucet!  This was definitely a necessary purchase.

Last night we ran out of paper towels.  I usually keep a couple rolls under the sink and a few in the pantry.  There were none in either place, or so we thought.  I looked again under the sink and found a roll!  When I went to pick it up, it was wet and a bit on the brown side.  It appeared as though we had a leak under the sink.  I thought it was the disposal, but wasn’t sure.  Of course I do what every girl in my situation does… I arranged for my dad to come and check it out.

Mom and Dad came over today while I was at work, and it was decided that we needed a new faucet and water turn off valve.  Hubs and my dad went to Home Depot to find one while my mom stayed at home with Miss C.  Hubs did such a good job picking one out!  He decided to get the cheapest one (that wasn’t plastic).  He knew that eventually, a long time from now, we will redo the kitchen.  It will be at that time we will choose our perfect faucet (together) and put it in then.  This one will get us through the next few years until we do a complete redo.  Hopefully it will still be in good enough shape that we can donate it to Habitat ReStore.  So that is where the other $50 from the extra paycheck money went.

So there ya have it!  Lots of financial updates!  I hope to be back tomorrow with some February goals and a more complete budget to share with you all!


2 thoughts on “Friday Financials

  1. Miss.C. is such a sweetheart… every time I her pics I think my girls at that age.. *sigh* Soo sweet! You had a fabulous month with your savings, and an extra $150 into savings is a nice little gift! I’m putting up my goals & budget tomorrow as well!

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