February Goals

20140202_160317I sat down yesterday and wrote out my goals for February.  Just like January they are focused around the same 7 areas of my life.  Some of them are the same, but some have changed.

$200 into savings.  Right now I have budgeted $155 into savings, so I am expecting to be able to go above and beyond.
$75 into Christmas savings.  I have this budgeted in, but I have never done a Christmas savings account, so I want to make sure I keep it a priority.
10 No Spend Days
Track Spending.  I slacked near the end of last month, so I want to keep it going.
Spend $150 or less on clothes for Miss C for the spring/summer.

Come up with one thing each week to make Hubs feel loved/special.  I find that I show love in the ways that I would want to be shown love, not necessarily how Hubs would want to be shown love.  I want to focus on making sure that he knows how much he is loved.

Send out Valentine’s cards.  I am not a big fan of Valentine’s Day, but it is a day that makes you stop and focus on love.  What a better time than that to show my family I am thinking about them!

Physical Activity: I failed at this one in January, so I am reposting it: Exercise 5 days this month.  The weather really keeps me from getting out there, so I need to stop making excuses and find some things I can do inside!
Food/Drink: I went all month without drinking pop.  Now to start focusing on hydrating my body the right way.  I want to focus on drinking 4 cups of water a day.  There are some days I get so busy that I can go hours without taking a drink of something.  This is NOT good for me!  Time to change that!

Teaching: Print, color, and laminate at least 5 activities from TeachersPayTeachers.  I have a bad habit of finding fun activities/lessons, downloading them, and saving them to a folder never to see the light of day again.  I need to actually get them completed so I can use them in my classroom!
Photography: I did update the prices changes on my website last month, but I need to add some new photos to it.  I am keeping this goal the same as last month: update website.

Finish reading One Thousand Gifts.  I have a bad habit of crawling into bed at night and getting on my phone (pinning or reading Huffington Post) for a good 30 minutes before I go to sleep.  That is the perfect time for me to grab my book and read.  Maybe I will go crazy and even get through 2 books this month!

Continue my  night time pick up ritual.  I really slacked off near the end, so I need a new start and revived energy for this one.  I need to clean the kitchen as soon as dinner is over, and pick up the living room once the little missy is in bed at night.
Get better at unplugging things and turning off lights.  Our utilities are high this winter, and every little bit will help!  I am terrible about both of these things, so I want to do better and try to cut down our bill a bit.

What are your goals for this February?


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