Thankful Thursday

IMG_20140206_082648This is what a goofy girl looks like!  Whenever we let the dogs out, especially Rose, she runs to the door and presses her face up to it and watches.  Our doors are a mess, and it is a mix of dog nose prints and little missy mouth prints.  Silly girl!

Today is Snow Day #3.  Due to the mix of cold weather, roads not cleared, and drifting snow, we were off again today.  Again, I spent the day not doing much at all.  Dinner is in the oven now (a pot roast), and Hubs and I cleaned the kitchen (big shout out to the helpful Hubs!).  Now the little missy is enjoying her second nap of the day, and we are just hanging out in the living room.

I highly doubt we will have another day at home tomorrow, but if so, I may go stir crazy!  I am so bored, and I have been on Pinterest enough that I think my brain is mush!  I will definitely be happy to get back on a routine!

Now to look back at this week to count my blessings:

Friday, January 31: Thankful for payday!  It was Hubs’ pay day, and it was more than I was expecting!  Great times for the budget!

Saturday, February 1: Thankful for the beginning of a new month.  I love the freshness of a new month, and the possibilities it holds.

Sunday, February 2: I am thankful for leisurely evenings.  Hubs and I snacked on junk food and enjoyed the Superbowl together.  It was a nice evening spent together.

Monday, February 3: I am thankful for good news!  We found out that we will receive a refund from my medical insurance company.  It will be about $415 (before taxes) on my paycheck next week!  What a nice surprise!  It will be tucked away into savings, making us over half way to our goal of $2,000!  That was a goal for the year, and we are going to be half way there in just 2 months!

Tuesday, February 4: I am thankful for snow days!  Snow days are always nice and relaxing, and I do enjoy one every now and then.  (Now that I am typing this on our third snow day, I am not enjoying them quite as much!)

Wednesday, February 5: I am thankful for hot showers.  It is hard to warm up on these cold, snowy days.  I enjoy a nice, long, hot shower to help.  I know that it is not good for my dry skin or our utility bill, but they really are one of my little indulgences!  (And 20 minutes of alone time is priceless!)

Thursday, February 6: I am thankful for Hubs!  I really knew the kitchen needed to get cleaned, and I mentioned how I had no motivation at all.  He didn’t say a word, but jumped right in and helped get the dishes clean and the kitchen picked up.  He truly is wonderful!

It has been a good week, and looking back at these thankful Thursday posts, I am realizing that all my weeks have been good.  I am surrounded by wonderful friends and family, and my life is so blessed.  I definitely need these daily reminders!

What have you been blessed with this past week?


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