Happy Mail Monday!

After my post yesterday I heard from many of my readers.  Some in real life, some via messaging, and some in the comments.  It sounds like I am not alone at all in feeling down and blue this time of year.  For all of those out there who are struggling with depression, SAD, or just feeling out of sorts, you are not alone!  I am humbled that you would reach out to me and talk to me about your feelings.  It definitely makes me realize that this blog is bigger than I imagined.  It also makes me feel like I am doing some good in my little corner of the internet.  You all rock!

Today has turned out to be a pretty good day.  This morning was crazy hectic, as we had our staff photo at 7:55.  Then since it was picture day, I had to get money and orders collected.  I felt like I was running back and forth from the office for the first hour of the day.  Everything finally settled down, but as soon as it seemed we were back to normal, it was time for our class pictures.  After that our schedule was just off.  We had birthday cupcakes after lunch, indoor recess, and just a busy day!

While I was at school today, I ran into one of my colleagues (really, she is a friend not just a colleague) in the hallway.  She mentioned something about filling out some student loan forgiveness paperwork.  Huh?!  I inquired further into what she was talking about and found out that since we teach at a low-income/Title I school, and we have been teaching for at least 5 years in a row, we could qualify for a $5,000 student loan forgiveness!  What?!?  Is that not awesome!  That would take a HUGE chunk out of my graduate loan!  That would be amazing!  I immediately filled out the paperwork and put it in the mail to get my superintendent to fill out his part.  Hopefully we can get that in the mail to my lender and get some money knocked off!  I don’t know if I will qualify or even get that much, but even if I get some knocked off, that would be amazing!

In other money-saving news, check out what came in the mail today! Happy mail!

20140210_163540Those are AMAZING coupons to my grocery store!  About once every three or four months I get one of these awesome envelopes with coupons specifically geared towards things I buy.  They collect information through our loyalty card and choose coupons for things we regularly buy.  The coupons this time around include a FREE box of Nutrigrain bars (I buy those almost once a week), $1.50 off a $7.00 meat purchase, $1.00 off string cheese, $1.00 off frozen veggies, and even more!  In all, I get 14 coupons that are tailored to exactly what I buy there!  It’s awesome! I always get so excited when I see these in the mail!

How was your Monday?  I hope it was a good one!


4 thoughts on “Happy Mail Monday!

  1. Check out Public Servant Forgiveness Loan. We have to pay on Matt’s student loans for 10 years but at the end of the 10 years, they will forgive his remaining balance. Email him if you need more information. He says for this program you don’t have to be a teacher – just a public servant.

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