Menu Plan Monday


I had to make some tweaks to last week’s menu, since I forgot a few items when I went grocery shopping.  So, you may notice a few items that were on the menu last week are making a reappearance this week.

Monday: Leftover chili

Tuesday: Spinach stuffed chicken breasts

Wednesday: Chicken parmesan in the crock pot

Thursday: Lasagna soup in the crock pot

Friday: Leftover lasagna soup

Saturday: Taco cupcakes (assuming I can find wonton wrappers at the store this time around)

Sunday: Baked mozzarella chicken rolls

Tuesday and Sunday’s recipes are very similar.  We will do both and see which ones we like better.  We need some more veggies in our lives, and both of those recipes include spinach!  Hopefully at least one of them will be delicious!

I typically menu plan one week at a time, but last week I got carried away and menu planned for the entire month of February.  I honestly have been LOVING it!  I used to get up early on Saturdays and get my menu and grocery list put together.  Now I just have to do my grocery list.  And if we are being honest, I could probably do that on Friday night if I weren’t so lazy. 🙂

I also find that I am actually using quite a few Pinterest recipes.  I know a lot of people pin things and never look at them again.  (I do that with some of my boards), but I do peruse my food boards while I menu plan so that I can see what else there is out there for me to try.

You want to know the crazy thing?  I used to hate cooking!  It is still not my favorite thing by far, but I have learned that I enjoy it much more than I used to.  I also truly believe that it is a habit.  Before I forced myself to cook for the month of January, I found myself making excuses as to why I couldn’t cook certain nights… Either I was too tired from work, or it was just easier to pick something up on the way home.  The biggest excuse I would use was that I would forget to put meat out to thaw the night before.  Now that I have a menu, the groceries to make the food from the menu, and a very supportive Hubs, I don’t use those excuses anymore.

This past weekend I took out the cash for our eating out budget.  It usually comes out the second weekend of the month. In the past we would have spent it and even more before we ever got to the second weekend of the month.  We still have about $60 of the $70 left, and I only have one planned day where we will eat out.  (Hubs did stop at McDonald’s for he and C last night while I went out to dinner with my friend.  He used eating out money, and I used my MAD money.)  Our budget can definitely tell a difference, and I am sure our health can also!

Any new recipes on your menu for the week?


One thought on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. Cooking at home *definitely* saves loads of cash.. especially cooking from scratch! It’s the only way i’m able to keep our grocery budget so low for the 6 of us… I’ve been sticking to our menu plan religiously since the New Year and it’s helping out So much!! 🙂

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