Resolution Recap


I typically do my resolution recap on Tuesday nights, but last night was a great family night out.  We went to a local high school basketball game.  I wasn’t looking forward to it (which is my typical feeling about most social events), but we had a really good time.  Miss C seemed to enjoy herself, which was good also!

I can sum up this recap in two words: NOT GOOD!  Here is the more detailed version:

Put $200 into savings: Not yet.  Payday is Friday, so we will be able to put our first bit in then.  I know we will reach this goal since I will get a refund in my check on Friday.  To be honest, I have gotten a bit lazy with my finances and need to get back with it.
$75 into Christmas savings: This will happen Friday, also.  It shouldn’t be a problem, just need to wait until payday.
10 No Spend Days: I honestly haven’t tracked this at all.  I need to start from today and see how we end up.
Track Spending: Haven’t done this either. 😦
Spend $150 or less on clothes for Miss C: Well, I have spent $0, so I am good to go so far.  The consignment sale I am going to isn’t until the end of the month, so that will be when this goal really comes into play.

Do something each week to make sure Hubs feel loved/special: This is kind of hard to measure.  I did give him a shoulder massage last week after he shoveled our driveway.  I think that should count. 🙂
Maybe I need to make a more concerted effort on this one, so I can actually remember the things I do for him.

Send out Valentine’s cards: Yeah, no.  This one will not happen.  I still have Christmas presents sitting in our kitchen that have not been mailed out.  I probably needed to focus on getting the presents sent out before trying to set a goal of getting something else mailed out.  (If I stick Valentine’s stickers on the Christmas gifts, does that count for both holidays?)

Exercise 5 Days this Month: Today was the first day I have exercised.  I took our dog out for a walk.  In all honesty I did not take her for a walk so I could get my exercising done.  The dogs got in the trash this past weekend, and Rose has been acting a little constipated.  I read online (and know from past experience) that dogs like to poo when they are on walks.  So I took her on a 20 minute walk to get her to use the bathroom.  It worked!  She still is acting like she doesn’t feel well, so we gave her some canned pumpkin to help.  Hopefully it will get cleared up on its own and we won’t have to take her to the vet.
Drink 4 cups of water a day: Nope… Unless I can count all the cups of water that I use to mix with my hot chocolate.  Our school is so freezing, that all I want to drink is something hot.  I have been downing hot chocolate (not the best choice) each day.  I did finally switch to some green tea at the end of the day today.  I need to make sure I drink my water before I start drinking anything else.

Finish Reading One Thousand Gifts: Haha, no.  I am terrible about this!  I always go into my room with the goal of reading before bed, but then Pinterest just calls my name.  So I end up scrolling through Pinterest letting my mind go to mush instead of reading my book.  There are days I would like my phone to disappear.

Continue cleaning the kitchen and living room before bed:  Nope.  Our house is a WRECK!  I would be absolutely embarrassed if any of you came over right now.  It really is terrible!
Get better at turning off lights/unplugging things: I thought I was doing better at this until I walked in the kitchen this morning and realized that I had left our toaster plugged in all night.  Those are the easy things I need to fix and work on.

Well, Friday marks the halfway point of February and so far I have earned a solid F on everything.  Hopefully I can turn the rest of the month around.

How are your February goals going?


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