Menu Plan Monday

menu-plan-mondayI am happy to report that I already have our menu for March ready to go!  I sat down and worked on it for quite some time yesterday.  I am looking forward to some of the yummy new recipes we are going to try.  I also put in some grilling recipes, and I hope the weather will cooperate enough to let me get outside and grill.  We loved grilled food around here, and it will be a nice change of pace if we get the chance.

Here is what we have on tap for this week:

Monday, February 24: Chili (I realized today that I forgot a few extras for our chili, so I may be stopping at the grocery store after work to pick them up… things like shredded cheese, oyster crackers, corn bread.)
Tuesday, February 25: Chili Leftovers.  I force Hubs to eat one dinner of leftovers, but I end up eating leftover chili for about 4 straight lunches.  I love it, so I don’t mind at all!
Wednesday, February 26: Out.  I am going to a big consignment sale this evening, so Hubs and little missy will be on their own.  I think my mom and I may grab something quick before or after the sale.
Thursday, February 27: Homemade pizza!  Yummy!
Friday, February 28: Spaghetti.  Super easy and not fancy at all.
Saturday, March 1: Smothered Beef Burritos

There ya have it!  It’s going to be a pretty easy week!

What is on your menu this week?



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