Resolution Recap


Can we just pretend February didn’t happen?  For how awesome I rocked the January resolutions, February has just sucked!  We had three snow days at the beginning of the month, and I have just felt very busy and somewhat overwhelmed the rest of February.  Needless to say, I don’t think I have accomplished any of my goals this month.

Let’s take a look…

Put $200 into savings: This has already happened.  I was able to put $292 into savings on the 15th since I received the medical insurance refund.  At the end of this week, I should be able to put another $100 or so into savings and put us to our halfway point with our savings goal for the year.
$75 into Christmas savings: Done and done.  This occurred the day of my payday (2/15).
10 No Spend Days: I honestly have no idea how many no spend days we had.  This is because I did not do well with my next goal.
Track Spending: I did not do well with this one at all!  I have kept up with my checkbook, which has been a problem for me in the past, but I have not tracked all spending, including cash spending.

Do something once a week to make sure Hubs feels special: Honestly I kind of forgot about this goal.  I do regular things for him like laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc., but I wanted to do a little something extra each week: a shoulder massage, snuggling, etc.  I did not do this one at all!

Send out Valentine’s Cards: Yeah, that did not happen.  I did, however, send out Christmas gifts finally!  I knew a few people have received them, so I am grateful I finally got that accomplished!

Workout 5 Days this month: Big fat fail!  I worked out one day, and it was taking Rose for a walk because she had eaten garbage and wouldn’t poo.  It was not a glamorous, health-focused walk.  The bitter cold and snow did not help at all!
Drink 4 cups of water a day: I think I would give myself a C on this one.  I have definitely been drinking more water than I have in past months, but I haven’t kept up with how much exactly I have been drinking.

Finish Reading One Thousand Gifts: Nope.  I don’t think I read any of it this month.  I may start bringing it to school with me, and while my student teacher is teaching, block out some time so I can read.  I will finish reading at least one book this year.  I am determined!

Continue cleaning living room and kitchen before bed: Nope.  I had to do a huge cleaning this past weekend, so it has been clean for most of this week, but that is it.  We have been working on getting Miss C to pick up toys before she goes to bed.  We need to be consistent with this and make sure she helps every night.
Get better at turning off/unplugging things: I honestly have no idea.  I am going to go with no.  There have been a few times I have come home from work and the garage light has been on or the hallway light has been on the whole time.  Right now the deck light is on from when I let the dogs out, but I never turned it off.  I really am just not aware that I don’t turn things off.  I need to get that changed.

Print out and complete 5 items from TPT: I actually printed out and cut out at least 5 things yesterday.  They will be laminated tomorrow and then will just need to be cut from the lamination.  I already had 1 item completed and cut and all that fun stuff already this month, so this will be a completed goal!  Yay me!
Update photography website: Nope.  I still have not done this.  It really is an easy thing for me to do.  I just never think about working on it, or it is not high enough on my priority list to get it done quickly.

So there ya have it.  Not pretty at all!  I already have my March goals written out and will share them with you all on Friday or Saturday!  I can’t believe March is less than a week away!  This year is flying by!

How are your February goals going?


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