Friday Finances

1655997_10101908331136069_156095651_nI spent Wednesday evening at a huge consignment sale with my mom.  This is the third time I have been to this specific one, and it was the busiest we have ever seen it.  We walked away with some amazing deals!

I budgeted $150 to spend on Miss C’s wardrobe.  The money came from my two photo shoots I had this month.  I did awesome at staying under budget!  I also took an extra $50 for anything extra/gifts/miscellaneous items I ended up finding while there.  Again, I stayed under budget in this area too!

Here is a break down of everything:

For clothing for Miss C I spent $119.50 + tax
I bought one book for Miss C which was $3.00 + tax
The other items I bought are surprises, but I spent $37.00 + tax

Subtotal: $159.50
Tax: $13.56
Total Paid (in cash!): $173.06

Here are the items for Miss C’s wardrobe that I came away with:

7 sets of pajamas (1 set came with top, pants, and shorts. 1 set came with top, pants, and another top)
8 onesies
5 one-piece summer outfits (romper type of outfits)
7 two-piece summer outfits ( either top & skirt, top & bloomers, top & shorts, dress & bloomers)
1 three-piece summer outfit (top, capris, shorts)
4 two-piece spring or fall outfits (long pants and a top)
1 three-piece spring/fall outfit (long pants, long-sleeved onesie, hoodie)
3 separate tops
3 pairs of long pants
2 pairs of capris
6 pairs of shorts
1 jean skirt

We are ready for spring and summer!

As for other finances, we are going to be over our halfway point for savings tomorrow!  We are about $6 away, but I received a check today from a client for extra images.  That will put us over the $1,000 mark!  Woo-hoo!

I have already set up our March budget, and we should be able to add another $300 to our savings!  It will all come from photo sessions.  Our paydays are a bit off for the month of March, so we will wait until the beginning of April to put some in our savings from our paychecks.

I hope to be back tomorrow with all of my March goals!  I can’t believe March is going to be here tomorrow!

How are your finances looking?



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