Monday Money and Menu Plan


I will start with our menu plan for the upcoming week.

Sunday, March 30: Philly Cheesesteaks
Monday, March 31: Spaghetti
Tuesday, April 1: Ground beef macaroni casserole
Wednesday, April 2: Skillet sausage and potatoes
Thursday, April 3: Pasta toss
Friday, April 4: Roast
Saturday, April 5: Homemade pizza.

There are a few new recipes in there, so hopefully they turn out well.


Now for the money part of this past weekend.  I went grocery shopping yesterday and managed to stay under budget!  I got some extra money out of the ATM because I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to stay under budget, but I did it!  I shopped sales and had my stack of coupons with me!  Here is the breakdown:

Clipped and Catalina coupons saved me: $11.90
E-coupons saved me: $4.00
Regular sales saved me: $7.61
“Mega” sale* saved me: $5.00

Total savings: $28.51

*The mega sale going on is a mix and match sale.  If you mix and match any 5 specified items you get an additional $5.00 off.  I honestly didn’t think I was going to have 5 items, but in the end I actually had picked up more than 5 (and they were all things on my list).

Here are some of my best deals:

Digiorno pizza: Regularly $5.99
On sale: $4.88
eCoupon: -$2.00
Total spent on pizza: $2.88

Kraft shredded cheese: Regularly $3.19
On sale: $2.99
Mega savings: -$1.00
Total spent: $1.99

3 Gerber yogurts: Regularly $8.97 (total)
On sale: $8.37
Mega savings: -$1.00
Coupon: -$1.25
Total spent: $6.12

Men’s Dove face lotion: Regularly: $6.49
On sale: $5.99
Mega savings: -$1.00
Coupon: -$1.00
Total spent: $3.99

Secret Clinical Deodorant: Regularly $9.99
Coupon: -$3.00
Total spent: $6.99

Tresemme Heat Protectant Spray: Regularly: $4.97
E-coupon: -$2.00
Mega savings: -$1.00
Total: $1.97

I also got two pounds of 96/4 lean ground beef for $4.39 each.  They were marked down since it was their sell by date.  They did not have the original price on them, but it is usually around $5.99 for beef that lean.  I only needed 1 pound for this upcoming week, but since there were two packages, I went ahead and got them both.

So, there ya have it!  A little bit of my finances and the recipes that they will go into!

Did you find any great deals this past weekend?


Sunday Night Chit-Chat

Today has been a busy and productive day.  I really wanted yesterday to be a productive day, but that did not happen.  Today, though was good.

We went to the grocery store this morning, then out my mom and dad’s.  It was a lovely day, but very windy.  Here is the Little Missy having fun outside.


She loves running around the yard holding a baseball and golfball.  So cute!

Once we got home, she wanted to be outside more, but I had a lot to do inside.  I did some laundry and started soaking and prepping my produce for the week.  I hate to say this but I end up throwing away a lot of money produce each week because I don’t use it, and it goes bad.  I have decided to give Sunday prepping a try.


Here are the beautiful fruits and veggies after their vinegar/water soak in the sink.  Hidden at the bottom was a cucumber and a green pepper too.  Once everything was rinsed and dried, I started cutting and portioning for the week.  I always want to take fruits and veggies with me to work, but hide behind the excuse that they are never ready, and it takes too long in the morning.  That is no longer an excuse for this week!


Each container has a stalk of celery, a carrot stick, and at least 5 florets of broccoli.  They are all ready to go for this week!  If I want to add some cucumber, I can cut some up quickly in the morning (I think they taste bad after being peeled and chopped for a while).  Now I can just grab a container and go.  I also separated my grapes into serving sizes and put them in ziploc baggies.  The extras of everything were just put into their own containers so they are ready for when I am at home or if Hubs wants any.  I also cut up the celery and carrots for our roast that we will have on Friday.

While I was at it, I was able to cut up everything for our Philly cheesesteaks that we had tonight.  That included a couple mushrooms, half an onion, half a green pepper, and two ribeye steaks.

I felt very productive and am happy to have so much ready to go for this upcoming week!

Now on to the chit-chat.  Carla spent her day unplugged, so she posted early!


Are you reading? Still working on One Thousand Gifts.  I also started reading You’re Already Amazing.  I am a sucker for self-help books, and even though I haven’t read much of this one, I really like it so far!

Are you watching? Caribbean Life.  I didn’t mention it, but last week we got Directv again.  We had some extra wiggle room in our budget, and it is one thing that Hubs has gone without for a few years.  He definitely deserved to get it!  We now have many more things to watch… and it is the reason I was not productive at all yesterday!

Are you looking forward to this week? A new month!  I always love a new month and a new start!  I am also happy that it is April!  April means spring, Easter, and oh so close to the end of the school year!

Lesson did you learn last week? I like tv more than I thought.  I used to be able to go through the entire weekend without watching tv at all.  I realize that I need to just keep it off in the morning or else I could spend all day in front of it (especially now that we have HGTV.)

Was your best moment this past week? Spending a couple bucks could help make someone’s day brighter.  I bought coffee for two different co-workers this week.  One who has been going through some tough stuff, and one who is working so hard on getting her finances in order.  Both of these women are such wonderful friends as well as co-workers.  It made me happy to see them smile.

Is your #1 goal for next week? Coming up with goals for April.  I have never been this close to the end of a month without having goals ready to go.  I also need to get my previous photo shoots edited and galleries sent out.

Best/worst financial decision this past week?  Best: Couponing and shopping sales saved me almost $30 at the grocery store today!  I will try to do a financial update tomorrow with my menu plan.
Worst: Having to readjust our April budget because we were again not as tight with our money this past week as we should have been.  We will be fine and still able to meet our couple of savings goals for the month, but next month will be much tighter than March was.

Recipe is next on your “try” list? Tonight we tried a new recipe, and it was great.  This week I have two new ones in the queue: Skillet Sausage and Potatoes and Cheesy Macaroni with Beef.  I found both recipes on Pinterest and am looking forward to them both!

Now it’s your turn!  Answer the questions in the comments or on your own blog.  Make sure to link up with Carla!

Work-in-progress Wednesday

I have never participated in WIP (or work-in-progress) Wednesday… mainly because I have never really had a project that I was in the middle of.  I am now currently in the middle of a huge project at home.  When Hubs and I bought our house last March/August (It was a short sale.  We put in our offer in March but did not get to close on the house until August.) we knew that there were going to be many projects to do.  I started this project in September, but lost steam shortly after.  I picked it back up over spring break.  It kept me very busy during my days off and is now such a large focus of my stress, it is about to drive me crazy!

I have started/continued to paint our kitchen cabinets.  Hubs and I both agree that we highly dislike all of the ugly wood trim and cabinetry in our house.  We want it all white, but we don’t want to have to shell out lots of money to get it done.  We chose a color (snow leopard) last fall, and the process started then.

Here is a picture of what our kitchen looked like when we moved in.  (Pretty much everything you see, we want to change at some point.)

kitchen 6

Neither of us are happy with all of that “natural” wood coloring.  We would like to see it all painted white eventually.  The color under the bar is actually hunter green, which is quite unattractive also.  It will be painted eventually as well (or we will do something to it.)

Here is how it it looks now.  Ignore the fact that it is a complete disaster and focus on the fact that some of the cabinets have changed colors!


wpid-20140319_163818.jpg(These pictures do not show any finished lower cabinets.  I took these while I was in the progress of putting the first coat of paint on them.)

As of this moment the upper cabinets are done (except for one cabinet door that is down in the basement with only one coat of paint on it).  The bottom cabinet under the microwave is done! (I forced myself to paint that little bit so I could move the fridge back in place and out of the middle of our kitchen.)  The cabinets on the left of that picture all have one coat of paint on them.  They need one more coat, and then will be done!

Here is the side that I have not worked on:


It doesn’t look like much, but remember that hunter green bar from the first picture?  On the opposite side of that is all lower cabinets that need to be painted.  I don’t think this side will take quite as long, but it will still be a long process.  My hope is to get the west side of the kitchen completely painted this coming weekend.  I can only paint at night once Miss C is in bed and during her nap time, so I am limited on time at this moment.  Then I may wait on the other side of the kitchen until summer vacation.  It will be about 2 months of only half of the kitchen done, but I think we can manage.

The thing that is driving me crazy is all the clutter!  We can’t close the dishwasher right now because it is all taped and the tape will mess up.  So there are dishes that need to be hand washed all over the counter.  We also have all the paint supplies on the counter.  We have a blockade put up so the dogs and toddler won’t mess up the wet paint.  Last night I walked into the kitchen with the plan of cleaning, but left shortly after because I was about to have an anxiety attack at the disaster.  I know I will have to face it eventually (like tonight after dinner), but I just couldn’t handle it last night.

Before I prime the counters, I treat them with this:


I don’t sand the cabinets (I don’t have time for that).  This helps get all the grossness off the cabinets and gets the shiny coat off them.  I haven’t had any problems with primer not sticking or coming off!  After I scrub the cabinets with this stuff (which I got at Home Depot), I prime, and then paint two coats.  The cabinets that are done look great!

So there ya have it.  That is how I spent my spring break.  I hope to have the kitchen finished this weekend and will keep you updated with my progress!

Are you working on anything lately?  Any works-in-progress for you?

Resolution Recap


Get ready for the worst resolution recap ever!  The past two weeks have been a complete wash!  The week of the 9th was just emotionally and physically draining due to the miscarriage.  And last week was spring break, which while I was super productive, I did not focus on my resolutions that much.

Here is how it is going so far:

$75 into Christmas: Not yet.  This is usually one I am really good at.  Unfortunately I completely ignored our finances (besides paying bills on time) for the past two weeks.  I do have this scheduled to be paid on Thursday, though, so it will get done before the end of the week.
$300 into savings: Nope.  I think we ended up putting in just over $150 into savings.  Not quite my goal, but at least our savings did increase instead of decrease.  I don’t have any plans to put anymore in for the rest of the month, so this one is a fail!
10 No Spend Days: I haven’t tracked this, but with the past two weeks, I can assure you that this one will not be completed.
Track Spending: Nope.  The only spending I tracked was when I used our card or checkbook.  I did not track cash spending, which I know did not get spent where it should have.
Cash Only: Big fat NO!  I spent more than I should have, and we ate out much more than normal.  Each time I went to Target I used my Target card, and whenever we ate out, we used our debit card.  It was ugly this month!

One Date Night: Our original date night was messed up, as it was scheduled for the night we ended up going to the doctor’s.  After the doctor’s appointment neither Hubs nor I wanted to go out.  We did end up going out for a nice lunch and Target run together, so that counts.

Meet Hubs for lunch twice this month: Nope.  We did not meet him for lunch at all.  I do enjoy going to lunch with Hubs while he is working, but it just hasn’t worked out.  Miss C is currently transitioning from two naps to one, and her one nap tends to take place right after lunch.  I don’t want her to fall asleep in the car on the way home from lunch with Hubs because then she won’t nap anymore when we get home.

Drink 4 cups of water a day: I started this month doing awesome at this goal!  But then things went downhill.  I am back with it and have been doing better this week with drinking lots of water.  My body definitely needs it!
Walk 5 Days: I walked one day early in March, and then I am counting our many hours at the zoo as a day of walking.  That is 2.  If the weather is nicer later this week/weekend, I will try to get out of the house and walk a few more times.
Start yoga routine: I did start one, and then I stopped.  I did yoga about 4 days in a row, then had the miscarriage.  I do not believe the yoga had anything to do with the miscarriage, and it was just a sad coincidence.  I would like to get started back on the routine, as it helped me relax and made my muscles feel good.

Clean out files: Nope.  I have actually been busy with many other things this month, even with my student teacher having taken over the whole day.  I haven’t had a chance to clean out files.  I don’t know if this will happen this school year… maybe though.
Update photography website: This is the third month in a row that this has been a goal, and I am happy to say it is finally finished!  Here is a link for you to check it out.

Blog 5x a week: Well, as you know, I have not done well with this.  I started the month off doing great, but the past two weeks have not been that stellar.  Hopefully I am back in a routine and will continue my blogging schedule.

Organize Junk Basket: Nope.  In fact I think it now has more junk in it than it did at the beginning of the month.  I have been working on another HUGE house project, so a lot of the smaller ones have gotten brushed to the side.  I hope to blog about my house project tomorrow, so you can see it!
Sort through Miss C’s toys: I got this done in the first week of the month.  I moved a box of stuff down to the basement.  We are definitely keeping all the infant toys, but she doesn’t need all of them out in the living room right now.
Vacuum upstairs once a week: I have vacuumed once this month, and it was not voluntary.  One day earlier this month, I came home to a shattered bowl all over the kitchen floor (and apparently some smaller shards of glass in the living room).  One of the dogs jumped up to the counter and knocked off a bowl to try and eat the old macaroni in it.  Needless to say, the dogs were in BIG trouble, and I had to vacuum all the glass up (and Miss C still managed to cut her finger on a small piece she found).  The dogs have since been kenneled every time we leave.  They hate it, but I am so tired of picking up messes they make while we are gone.

There ya have it.  It’s not pretty, but it’s out there.  April is coming up soon, and I plan on setting some new goals!

How are your March goals going? Are you kicking butt and taking names? Or are you just trying to get through the month like I am?

Budget Monday


I know, Mondays are usually for my menu plans, but last week I did no cooking.  You can just take a look at last week’s menu and our menu this week will be about exactly the same.  I did spend some time with my checkbook, budget calendar, and calculator today… and boy did I need to!

The last two weeks have been terrible for our budget… My mind decided that ignorance is bliss in the case of our checkbook. I finally got it balanced today, and I managed to get the budget figured out for the rest of the month, as well as for April! We should still be able to put over $300 into our savings at the beginning of the month! Some of that will be for our Christmas Savings, and the rest will be for our regular savings account.

My main goal for April will be to stay on budget, track ALL expenses, and keep a tight reign on things.  If it wouldn’t have been for our tax refund, then things could have been really ugly this past month.  Luckily it gave us a cushion that kept things in the black.  I also had a newborn photo shoot, which gave us a bit of extra income as well.

The best part is that we are over halfway to our savings goal.  My original goal was $2,000.  I picked that number based on what our previous hospital bills were when we had Miss C.  I also knew that we would need a few new items for a new baby, so I added that in.  I think that since I am no longer pregnant, I am going to raise the goal.  By end of the year, I would like to see our emergency savings at $4,000.  It is going to be a stretch, as my current calculations show that we will be right around $3,000 with our normal savings each month.  This means we are going to be really working hard at scrimping and finding ways to save.  Once our savings is at $5,000 (which will hopefully be by this time next year), hopefully we will be able to save enough for hospital bills for when we get pregnant again, and then save for some fun stuff!  We would love to go on a vacation eventually, and we have some things we want to buy for our house.  I feel like there is actually a light at the end of this tunnel.  It has been a long tunnel, and we won’t be completely out of debt, but with our savings going up each month, I feel our stress easing and our financial situation becoming more stable.  It’s a great feeling!

I am trying to decide what to do with photography income at this point.  There are a few items I would like to buy for my business: a new lens (around $1,000), a new camera strap (a wrist strap- about $20), and a new computer for editing (my current computer is about 8 years old and slow as molasses- about $1,500).  They are all expensive items (except the wrist strap, which I may ask for for my birthday), but I can write them off on our taxes!  I think I may start a new savings account for my photography purchases.  Every time I make money from a session, I can split it 50/50 and put 50% into regular savings, and 50% into my photography purchases.  I am working on booking a wedding for October right now, which would be a big bump in savings!  I have three sessions in the books right now (for the next couple of months), and hopefully will become busy again once the weather decides to warm up.  Fall seems to be my busier time, though, so I am not sure how it will work out this spring.

Right now with those few sessions, we are looking at about $400.  That would boost our regular savings $200 and my photography purchases $200.  For right now, I have the lenses I need to do the sessions at hand.  For the wedding, I can rent the two lenses I would want to use.  (One lens I won’t bother ever buying, as it is a telephoto lens and the only time I could ever imagine me needing it is shooting a wedding in which I had to stay at the back of the church).  The other lens that I do want is one that can be used for many different types of sessions.  It is very hard to combat the desire to buy things and want things.  I guess we will just have to work hard at bulking up our savings account!

What are your savings goals?  Have you completed your April budget yet?  Good luck!

Menu Plan Monday


Our menu has been non-existent this past week.  I have managed to throw a few homemade meals together, including pasta toss and spaghetti, but for the most part, we have eaten out quite a bit.  I plan to go to the grocery store tomorrow (Hallelujah for spring break and grocery shopping during the week!)  Here is what I plan to make this week:

Monday: Probably eating out.  I know, I know… I didn’t eat lunch until almost 2:00 and I know Hubs will be hungry as soon as he comes home from work.  He will probably just pick something up on his way home.

Tuesday: Chicken kabobs on the grill.  I am so excited to use the grill!  It has been forever!  I just marinate our kabobs (which consist of chicken, onion, bell peppers, and mushrooms) in Italian dressing, then grill until done!  I serve with rice!  Yummy!

Wednesday: Chicken Parmesan in the crock pot.  Family favorite!

Thursday: Stir fry.  This may or may not happen.  We are planning on going to the zoo, but are not sure what time yet.  If we are home for dinner, this is what I will make.  If not, I will shift the menu.

Friday: At my parents.  My brother, sister-in-law, and niece are coming in town, so we will probably just have a big family dinner.

Saturday: Philly cheeseteaks.  This will be interesting because Hubs LOVES phillies.  Hopefully these will turn out well enough, and he will approve.

Sunday: Spaghetti.  Choosing something easy because I am not sure what the plan is this day.  Our niece is being baptized during the day, but I don’t know if we will all have dinner together at my parents’ house or something like that.  

There ya have it!  Let’s hope I can get back in the groove of making dinner each night.

What is on your menu this week?  Trying anything new?

Sunday Night Chit-Chat (With New Questions)

It’s time for another rousing round of Sunday Night Chit-Chat hosted by Carla!  I am happy to get back to more normal blogging, and I am excited that there are some new questions this week!


Here is a picture of Miss C hanging out at my parents’ house.  It was beautiful yesterday!  And then today we woke up to a dusting of snow.  Yuck!  This coming week will be ok for spring break, but not my ideal weather.  I think I will survive, though. 🙂

On to the chit-chat:


Are you reading? I honestly haven’t read much this past week.  I am about halfway through One Thousand Gifts.  I am going to try and carve out some time each day this week to read a bit… maybe 30 minutes or so.

Are you watching? The Amazing Race.  We haven’t kept up with it much this season, but it is definitely a fun show to watch.

Are you looking forward to this week? Spring break!  I have a few fun times with friends planned, a newborn photo session, and lots of things on the to-do list.  I need to remind myself to relax and enjoy my time off.

Is one thing you did last week that you don’t want to repeat this week? Most of my week was a bit of a blur.  I think I would like to not repeat my negligence of our finances.  A lot has been pushed to this side this past week, including our finances.  I need to get back on track with our checkbook, paying with just cash, and keeping things under control.

Was your best moment over the last week? Being surrounded by an outpouring of love.  It wasn’t necessarily a particular moment, but it made me realize how wonderful my support system is and to never take that for granted.

Is your #1 goal for next week?  I have a few goals:
1. Get cabinets painted!  I am not going to put a number as to how many cabinets, but I need to get painting done!
2. Get the back flower beds cleared out.  If this doesn’t happen, it’s not a big deal.  I will have other pretty days to work on it.
3. Get finances back in order.

Song can’t you get out of your head?  I honestly don’t have one at the moment.  I usually do have songs stuck in my head, but right now I actually don’t.

Was the best/worst financial decision over the last week? Best: We managed to buy curtains for our sliding glass door and for Miss C’s room.  We had $20 worth of gift cards, all the curtains and rods were on sale, and Target was having a deal that if you texted a code to a number, you got a free $10 gift card if you spent $50 or more in the home decorating section.  These curtains were NEEDS.  Miss C’s room is too bright to keep her asleep during the day, so we got some black out curtains that made a big difference.  The curtains for our sliding glass door will help cut down on our air conditioning costs in the summer.  The sliding doors are on the south side of the house and let in sun all day.  The house can warm up to over 70* even on cold days.  Having curtains will help the heat retention during the summer.

Worst financial decision: Not keeping up with our finances at all.  We had so much going on in our world that our finances were not high on our list of priorities.  We ate out more than we should (even though we used gift cards and coupons when we could), and I didn’t keep track of all of our expenses.  It will take a while to get caught up tomorrow, but we will be able to do it.

Is on the top of your *wish list* right now? New jeans.  The two pairs of jeans I currently have, I bought shortly after I had Miss C and right before I went back to work.  I have lost all of my baby weight (I know… hate me), and the jeans are now too big and baggy.  I didn’t really care about it, since I was pregnant and planning to grow out of them quickly, but now I really want some new ones since I won’t be in maternity clothes for quite some time.

There ya have it!  New questions and my answers.  I would love to hear your answers to the new questions!

Thank You


I started writing this blog for myself.  I enjoy journaling and writing, but I never found time to get my thoughts on paper.  This blog is a quicker way for me to get my thoughts out of my head and out there.  I never imagined many people beyond my immediate family would read this.

My post yesterday was my most popular post on this blog.  I am completely humbled by the outpouring of love and support that came from this blog.  Not only my friends and family in real life, but those who I have never met opened their arms and hearts to my story.

I am not alone in my journey, and part of the reason I shared my story was so other women going through the same pain realize they are not on their own.  It hurts my heart to know those people I love and adore have been through this pain, but I also feel relief to know that they have survived the pain.  It is a bit of light at the end of the tunnel.

I am not quite back to blogging normally, as most things I blogged about don’t seem as important as they were before.  I know I will be back to my regular schedule eventually, but I am definitely learning that no matter what I have scheduled or what my goals are, I am ultimately not in control at all.  God has a bigger plan than I know about, and it is not in my hands at all.  I will continue on my path of improvement and continue working towards my goals, but I realize that if I fail, it is not the end of the world.  I put too much pressure on myself to be perfect, and I think it is time to back off a bit and relax.

I am going to spend some time reevaluating my goals and work more on focusing on what is truly important in my life: my faith, my family, and my friends.

A Heavy Heart


This post is a very hard one to write.  I haven’t written on this blog for about a week, due to the circumstances I am about to share with you.  For the second time in our lives together, Hubs and I have suffered the heartbreak of a miscarriage.  This one was 100% different from our first miscarriage.  You can read our first story here.

This time our story begins on Valentine’s Day.  My valentine’s gift came in the form of two pretty pink lines on a home pregnancy test.  For the third time in our lives, we had tried to get pregnant and after just one month of trying, we managed to conceive.  We were so excited, and I think since we had a healthy pregnancy the last time, we were not as cautious with our excitement as we had been when I was pregnant with Miss C.


We immediately told our immediate family and a select few very close friends.  Things seemed to progress ideally.  I had some bouts of nausea, but never got sick.  I was overly tired, which was typical of both previous pregnancies.

On February 27th, I went in for my confirmation of pregnancy appointment, and again everything seemed to be going well.  I was in fact still pregnant.  Then just a short week after that appointment everything changed.  Last Thursday, March 6, I began to start spotting.  It was light brown, which I knew was not as alarming as if it would have been bright red.  When this started, I immediately broke down.  Hubs was my rock (as he was the last time we went through this).  He helped bring a calm to me.

We decided to call the on-call doctor (who happened to be my midwife).  She told us to just monitor things and if it continued through the night, then we could call in the morning and see if they could work us in for a sonogram.  The spotting did continue through the night and became bright red.  As soon as I could, I called the office and tried to get worked in.  They were able to see us at 10:00 that morning.

We got to the appointment and had to wait for a while.  My bladder was full (as it needs to be for a sonogram), so it was a very uncomfortable wait for me.  When we finally went back, we had a normal abdominal sonogram.  The baby was measuring about a week smaller than we had calculated.  We were asked multiple times if our dates were correct, which I knew they were.

Since the baby was measuring small, they went ahead and did a vaginal ultrasound.  This time we were able to see a small heartbeat.  The heartbeat was slow, but it did give us a glimmer of hope.  The ultrasound tech was absolutely lovely.  She was a very kind soul, and even printed out a picture of our baby for us to keep.


After that ultrasound, we met with a doctor (not a midwife, which I am more comfortable with).  He was very nice, but not very comforting.  He offered a few options for us, but nothing seemed like a good idea.  We could have had him prescribe me progesterone, which wouldn’t hurt anything but wasn’t proven to stop a miscarriage.  I also could have had my progesterone level checked and then possibly been prescribed progesterone.  We chose none of these options because we felt we were miscarrying, and it could have just prolonged the process.  Having been through a miscarriage before, one of the worst parts is waiting.

After leaving the office, we both were sure the pregnancy was over.  The grieving process for both of us began.  The biggest difference between this miscarriage and my previous missed miscarriage was the physical pain and symptoms.  With the missed miscarriage I had no bleeding.  I didn’t see anything.  The D & C took care of it all.  With this natural miscarriage, every time I used the restroom, I was reminded what I was losing and what my body was going through.  It was very difficult.

All week long I dealt with the bleeding and the heaviness in my heart.  Today we finally went back to the doctor.  I had believed I passed the baby and yolk sac last Saturday.  Because of that, they did not do a regular sonogram, but instead just did a vaginal ultrasound to make sure everything had passed.  The ultrasound was clear, and everything looked as good as it could.  We spoke to the midwife who said to wait one cycle before trying again.  This was different than after the D & C, which it was recommended to wait two cycles.  She also mentioned that even though this is my second miscarriage, they don’t consider a possible problem until there are 3 miscarriages in a row.  Since I had a healthy pregnancy/baby between the two miscarriages, there is no long term concerns at this point.

Our hearts are heavy and our pain is still strong.  We loved this baby who we never met and will never get to hold.  We are very blessed to already have a child, as I know many people (including people I am close with) struggle with infertility.  Having Miss C home with us through this process helped keep our spirits and our hopes high.  We will try again eventually, as we don’t feel our family is complete.

For the time being, though, we will love on our girl and our pups and soak up the time we have with them.

A Short Break

Due to some family circumstances, I will be taking a break from my blog until next weekend. After that, I should be back to my regular schedule of posts.
Thank you.