March Goals

Well, my February goals kind of tanked, but there is nothing like a new month to get you ready to go with new goals!


I came up with this list of goals about a week or so ago, before I even knew that Carla was going to have a March goals challenge!  It worked out well because my goals line up with her three challenges!  Carla is challenging us to have three goals: one related to finances, one that is something personal you want to accomplish, and some type of decluttering/household goal.  Perfect!  I have all of those (and more)!

Here is a breakdown of all of my goals:

* $75 into our Christmas savings account
* $300 into emergency fund (this will all come from photo shoots this month)
* 10 no spend days
* Track spending
* Use cash only (I already broke this goal, but I will explain it tomorrow during Sunday Cents)

* 1 Date night (It is already planned, it just has to happen)

* Meet Hubs for lunch twice this month (I should be able to do this during spring break)

* Drink 4 cups of water a day (at least)
*Walk 5 days this month (hopefully the weather will cooperate this month)
* Start a yoga routine (I enjoy yoga, and I think I can find enough on Youtube that I won’t need to buy a DVD)

*Teaching- Clean out files
*Teaching- Get everything ready and sent for relicensure
* Photography- Update website (I know, this has been my goal since January)

*Blog 5 times a week

*Organize junk basket in kitchen
*Sort through Miss C’s toys (bag up infant toys and put in the basement)
*Vacuum upstairs once a week

There ya have it!  All of my goals!  I am going to try and do better than I did in February!  I think I can do it!

What are your March goals?


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