Sunday Night Chit-Chat

Our Sunday night chit-chat is hosted by the ever dazzling Carla!  Stop over at her blog to check out all the other participants.

pic_to_send (2)Here is a before and after of our dinner: Taco cupcakes!  They were pretty good!  I wish they would have been crispy all the way through, but they were still a bit soft on the bottom.  The taste was good, though!

Here is our chit-chat…

What are you…

Reading? One Thousand Gifts. I am happy to report that I did in fact read some of this this past week.  The part that I read definitely spoke to my heart, so I am looking forward to hopefully reading more this coming week.

Listening To? The television.  We have the Oscars Red Carpet show on now, so that is what I am listening to.  I can faintly hear Little Missy’s noise machine in her room.  She is rolling around, not quite asleep yet.

Watching? See above answer… Oscars Red Carpet show.  They are currently interviewing Jared Leto.

Cooking/Baking? I made taco cupcakes tonight.  They were pretty good.  We have some pre-made cookie dough in the oven now for a little dessert.  I have my menu plan post scheduled to go up tomorrow morning… you will get to see what is on tap for the week.

Happy you accomplished this week? I got our taxes done today!  We are getting a refund!  Nothing life-changing or huge, but definitely helpful for our savings account (which is where it will go and stay).

Looking forward to next week? Well, first and foremost: a snow day tomorrow!  This means 3 wonderful days at home with the little one!  I love the time I get to spend with her, and I am so happy that I get an extra free day with her!  Aside from that, I am looking forward to date night with Hubs on Friday!  We are going out for dinner, and I am already hungry thinking about it!

Thankful for today? A nice, warm home.  We have some very frigid temps out there today, and it is so nice to be able to be inside and warm with my family.  I felt bad having to send the pups out to potty, as they would usually come back limping from cold paws.  I can’t imagine not having a warm place to go to during days like this.

Bonus Question: *Are you be tuning in to the Oscars tonight?* Why, yes we will!  It is on in 8 30 minutes!  (Who starts an awards show at 7:30 and not 7:00?) I love watching the fashion and the whole show!

Now it’s your turn!  Feel free answer the questions in the comments section of my blog, on your blog, or on Carla’s blog!  Let us know how your Sunday night is going!


One thought on “Sunday Night Chit-Chat

  1. Those taco cupcakes look good! yum!! 🙂 Yay for another snow day! It’s brutal cold here again… -30c (-22F) and lower over the next few days… so i’ll hopefully be hibernating! I’m counting the days till spring… it’s been a LONG winter!

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